What is a Community Impact fund?


While resources remain available, gifts made to a new or existing Community Impact fund (previously called a named unrestricted fund) which provides PCCF’s grantmaking dollars will be matched $2 for every $1 given before December 31, 2025. Donate easily and securely online to any eligible Community Impact funds or establish a new one to triple your gift’s impact today! 

What is a Community Impact fund?

Major advantages of the Putnam County Community Foundation (PCCF) include its perpetual structure, community-based governance, and commitment to addressing needs as they change. A Community Impact fund, also called an unrestricted fund, allows you and your family to provide support that evolves over time as priorities in the county shift.

  • PCCF’s mission is to thoroughly understand the community and improve lives within it.
  • PCCF’s board and staff conduct ongoing, extensive research about the needs of the community and the nonprofit programs that are addressing those needs.
  • Establishing an unrestricted fund means you are investing in PCCF to support programs that are addressing the community’s most pressing needs as well as needs that can’t be identified until the future.

Establishing a Community Impact Fund

PCCF will work with you to establish your Community Impact fund.

  • You may name the fund whatever you’d like.
  • You may add assets to the fund during your lifetime, or you may wish to make arrangements in your estate plan for the fund to receive a bequest from your will, trust, or beneficiary designation following your death.
  • As is the case with other contributions to PCCF funds, lifetime gifts to your fund are eligible for an immediate income tax deduction. Assets transferred to the fund upon your death are eligible for an estate tax deduction.

Administering a Community Impact Fund

When you establish a Community Impact fund at PCCF, you are engaging the Board of Directors and staff to use the money in the fund to achieve the greatest impact for the community for the long term.

  • Every day, the PCCF team works with members of our Board of Directors, civic leaders, and nonprofit organizations to deeply understand where people need help.
  • Today, the need could be for scholarships for disadvantaged youth, or research to improve access to healthcare. Tomorrow, the most pressing needs might be for emergency assistance in response to a disaster.
  • PCCF has its finger on the pulse of the community’s top priorities and the best way to address them.
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