In 2023, the Putnam County Community Foundation is committed to leading a unique Community Needs Assessment which includes a community-wide survey. Our goals for this endeavor are to identify and prioritize needs and assets in Putnam County, unite organizations and resources, and create solutions that produce significant and lasting results.

The Big Picture

The 2023 Community Needs Assessment is being conducted in four phases including interviews with community leaders, focus groups with individual communities, a county-wide survey and public listening sessions.

Each phase provides a different perspective on the existing resources and the most significant needs of communities across Putnam County. The insights gained from each phase will provide valuable guidance in the Putnam County Community Foundation’s grantmaking and other strategic initiatives. The results from the Community Needs Assessment will also be shared publicly with our Community Partners, grantees, local government and other constiuents. 

It is our hope that the information collected through the Community Needs Assessment will allow our community’s decision-makers to come together and create data-informed solutions to the issues that Putnam County residents are most concerned about and interested in addressing.

If you have questions about the Community Needs Assessment or how the information gathered will be used or shared, please contact us at

If you or your organization are interested in partnering on the Community Needs Assessment or other Putnam County Community Foundation initiatives, please contact Sarah Stone, Communications Director.

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