Our Grantmaking

The Community Foundation holds, invests, and administers a collection of separate funds established to meet philanthropic goals of donors and the needs of Putnam County. The income earned from our unrestricted funds is awarded in the form of grants to meet community needs and aspirations both now and in the future.

Nonprofits and other charitable entities may apply for Community Grants, request emergency Rapid Response Grants or inquire about funding for special projects. 

While these grant programs do not support special events, organizations looking for event support may submit a sponsorship request.

What We Fund

The Putnam County Community Foundation makes grants to qualified nonprofit organizations seeking to make a difference in Putnam County. Grants may be made in the following areas:

Community Grants Program

Program Overview
The Community Grants program offers support to charitable organizations serving Putnam County. These grants are competitive, and the Community Foundation may issue up to two Community Grants cycles per year. In 2024, applications are due February 1 and August 1. View the complete program guidelines for more details.
Grant Applications
To be considered for funding, organizations must first submit a Grant Application. Each grant application will be screened by Community Foundation staff and eligible applications will be considered by the Grants Committee. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.
Application Review
The Community Foundation is interested in supporting many areas of charitable activity in Putnam County. Each complete grant application will be researched by the Grants Committee. If possible each grant applicant will receive an on-site visit from a member of the Committee. If an on-site visit is not possible, the applicant will have the opportunity to meet with members of the Grants Committee.
Reporting Requirements
Grant reporting requirements vary based on the type of grant and where the funds originated from. Specific requirements for each awarded grant are listed in the grant agreement, which must be signed by the grantee before funds can be awarded.


Our staff is here to help! Contact us at 765.653.4978 with any questions or concerns regarding our grants programs, application technical assistance, reporting, payments, etc.

Jenny Neureiter

Director of Donor & Grantee Services

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