About the Foundation

Creating an Impact

The Community Foundation holds, invests, and administers a collection of separate funds established to meet philanthropic goals of donors and the needs of Putnam County. It is a vehicle through which contributions, both large and small, can be built over time into a substantial pool of money to achieve public good for Putnam County. The income from this pool is awarded in the form of grants to meet community needs and aspirations both now and in the future.

Donors in 2022
$ 18000000
Grants & Scholarships Awarded Since Inception
$ 1000000
Awarded In Grants & Scholarships in 2022

Average Annual Returns Since Inception: 8.53%

The Community Foundation total endowment, valued at nearly $38 million in assets in 2022, is a family of more than 350 charitable funds established by donors. The endowment is permanent; granting dollars are produced by earnings and market growth. We are good stewards of our endowment and receive professional investment advice. As a result, our investment returns are higher than average for an endowment of our size.


The Board of Directors of the Putnam County Community Foundation is accountable to the Community Foundation's donors and to the citizens of Putnam County. The Board of Directors is committed to honest, accurate record-keeping and transparent operations and reporting.

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