Youth Philanthropy Draws Community Support

Since 2006, the Putnam County Youth Philanthropy (YP) Committee has provided nearly $50,000 in grants to youth-led community projects in Putnam County. Today, thanks to the generosity of dozens of local donors, the YP Committee’s grantmaking funds come from the annual earnings of its Putnam County Youth Philanthropy Endowment.

In an effort to continue growing this endowment, the YP Committee hosts an annual fundraiser in partnership with Almost Home in Greencastle. Community members are invited to enjoy dinner, served partly by YP Committee members, and are encouraged to leave a generous tip which directly benefits the Youth Philanthropy Endowment, increasing the YP Committee’s grantmaking capacity. The 2024 YP Night fundraiser brought in $2,400 in donations that will support youth-led projects throughout Putnam County for years to come.

Thank you to the many donors who continue to support the YP Committee and thank you to Gail Smith and her team at Almost Home!

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