PCCF Launches CommunityReads

We are excited to launch CommunityReads, a book club designed to build new relationships while pushing oneself to explore new ideas and concepts. 

“The Community Foundation is always looking for new opportunities to connect with our friends, neighbors, and colleagues in Putnam County because they inspire us daily,” said Brandon Wells, Putnam County Community Foundation Executive Director. “This book club represents our sincerest desire to spark new interest in philanthropy and put our collective heads together for the greater good. You never know from where, or whom, the next great idea will come.”

The first book of the year will be The Power of Moments by Dan and Chip Heath. The book discusses why certain brief experiences can jolt us, elevate us and change us—and how we can learn to create such extraordinary moments in our life and work.

Book club participants will meet virtually on the first Thursday of each month, starting in March, and will conclude in June.

If interested in participating, please submit a registration form. Capacity is limited to 25, and you will be contacted once your registration is processed to confirm your spot. Register now: https://bit.ly/2YyUBEF.

To learn more about CommunityReads, contact Neysa Meyer, Communications Director, at nmeyer@pcfoundation.org or  765.653.4978.

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