PCCF Awards Grants to Putnam County Schools

The Putnam County Community Foundation recognizes the challenges COVID-19 has created for our local schools. To best serve each school and their unique needs at this time, we recently awarded $500 grants to each of the 17 schools serving Putnam County.

“We are grateful to our teachers and schools for their dedication to our students as they navigate through this challenging time,” said Jeff Blaydes, PCCF Grants Committee Chair. “Our Grants Committee recognized the needs of our schools and awarded proactive grants to best support their emerging needs.”

After initial feedback from the principals, several schools noted they would be utilizing the grant funds to purchase face masks and cleaning supplies. One school will be purchasing refillable water bottles, while another will be purchasing cameras to assist with e-learning.

Bainbridge Elementary School will be using their grant funds for project-based learning. They will be working with Mrs. Hensley’s second-grade class to create books highlighting their school and community as a welcome gift to the new families moving to the community. They have found it difficult to connect with the new community members and students and hope the book will help bridge the gap.

“Gifts from our generous donors allow us to award grants from our unrestricted fund,” said Brandon Wells, Executive Director. “These grants to our local schools are the perfect example of our community uniting to support the evolving needs of Putnam County.”

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