Historical Gift to YMCA

On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, the Putnam County Community Foundation awarded the largest single grant in the Community Foundation’s history to the Greencastle/Putnam County YMCA. The Community Foundation helped lay the groundwork for the YMCA’s fundraising campaign with this historic gift of $500,000. The Community Foundation has now awarded more than $18 million to improve the lives of Putnam County residents.

The YMCA board and their Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Penrod, graciously accepted the grant award at an event for board members of both the YMCA and the Putnam County Community Foundation. “I was so excited to hear that the Putnam County Community Foundation was willing to make such a large investment into our future. Their investment shows how much they believe in our organization and what the value of having a YMCA in the community means to them,” said Ryan Penrod.

“We are so excited to form an ongoing partnership with the Putnam County Community Foundation. During our conversations over the past several months, it became apparent that it was a perfect fit for them and the YMCA,” said Rob York, Fundraising Chair for the Greencastle/Putnam County YMCA.

The Community Foundation aims to enrich the quality of life and strengthen community, and this grant will do both for Putnam County. The YMCA will bring additional programming for youth activities, fitness and athletic facilities, along with new community spaces for our community members and nonprofits to utilize.

“The Putnam County Community Foundation Board of Directors and staff are proud to announce this historic gift which will help establish a YMCA in Putnam County,” said Brandon Wells, Putnam County Community Foundation Executive Director. “We are able to make this investment in our community because of the generous, consistent support of our donors throughout our thirty-six years. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the YMCA over the coming decades.”

The City of Greencastle, YMCA of Wabash Valley, and Putnam County Hospital are involved in the approximately 60,000 square foot project. The city will own the building while leasing the facility to the YMCA and the hospital.

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