Community Needs Assessment Progress Report

Community Needs Assessment Making Progress

This spring, many of our stakeholders have participated in the first two of four phases of our Community Needs Assessment.

So far, we’ve conducted over a dozen personal interviews with community leaders in Phase 1 and facilitated five community focus groups with over 40 community members in Phase 2.

Now, our team is hard at work in Phase 3 to develop a community-wide survey that both incorporates the issue areas which were identified in Phases 1-2 and provides an opportunity to identify additional issue areas. Individuals and families who live, work or visit Putnam County will be invited to participate in the survey later this summer.

After completing Phase 3, our team will dive into the data collected from the survey and prepare a report which will be shared in Phase 4 at the end of the year. Through follow-up meetings and public listening sessions, we’ll share what we learn with community leaders, service providers, local businesses and other community members.

We hope that you’ll be a part of our Community Needs Assessment and help us:

  • identify and prioritize needs in Putnam County;
  • unite organizations and resources from throughout our community; and,
  • create solutions that produce significant and lasting results.

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