Buzzi Unicem Covid Relief Fund awards $30,000 to local schools

Pictured: Bottom (Left to Right): Wendy Stevenson, Administrative Assistant at Buzzi, Levi Yowell, South Putnam High School Principal, Jamie Robinson, Alternative Fuel Factory Manager at Buzzi, Brandon Wells, Putnam County Community Foundation Executive Director, Tim Menke, Plant Manager at Buzzi. Top (Left to Right): Brent Sailor, Cloverdale High School Assistant Principal, Trent Boswell, Relief Supervisor at Buzzi, Chad Rodgers, Greencastle High School Principal, Tad Christy, Safety Manager at Buzzi, and Jason Chew, North Putnam High School Principal.

The Buzzi Unicem USA Covid Relief Fund recently awarded grants to the four high schools serving Putnam County, with hopes of reducing the challenges created by COVID-19. The fund was established in 2020 to assist in alleviating the burdens the pandemic has created for our community.

“Community Foundations throughout our state are consistently seeking impactful partnerships within our respective communities. We are proud to say that with Buzzi, we have found a partner that identified needs in Putnam County and stepped up to meet them,” said Brandon Wells, Putnam County Community Foundation Executive Director. “Their newly established fund has provided support to our nonprofits and schools at their most critical time of need. Buzzi’s most recent grants to each county high school empowered principals to determine their greatest need and allocate much-needed funding to address it.”

In addition, the Buzzi Unicem USA Covid Relief Fund awarded grants to Old National Trails Special Services, Greencastle Christian Church Food Pantry, and Reelsville Community Center.

To learn more about the Buzzi Unicem USA Covid Relief Fund or the Community Foundation’s work to combat COVID-19, contact Brandon Wells at 653-4978.

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