2022 Donors

We are grateful to the following generous individuals whose donations make a difference in Putnam County today and forever. Our supporters are very important to us, and we make every effort to provide accurate and complete information. If you have a question or notice an error, please contact us so we can correct our records. 

9 East Bar and Grill

Kenneth Abbring

Abilities Services, Inc.

Abstract & Title of Putnam County, Inc.

ACE Corp

Alan Ray and Diana Ader

Vincent Aguirre

J. Patrick Aikman

Stephen Aker and Vicki Timm

Barbara A. Aker

Ron and Jane L. Alcorn

S. Paul and Sally K. Alexander

Ashley Alexander

William Allan and Linda S. Allee

Rudy Allee

Lannie Allee

Robert F. and Patsy M. Allen

Robert Bayard Allen

Alpha Company Tumbling and Cheer

America’s Charities

B. Kim and Regina Ames

Ames 4K Farms

Misha Anderson

Animal Medical Clinic

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheld

Thomas and Pamela Apple

David C. and Vicki L. Archer

Tyler A. Archer

Arlington/Roe & Co

Marvin G. and N. Anita Arnold

Julie Arnold

Dale Freeman Arnold

ASA Land Surveying

Asbury Towers Health Care Center – SNF

Randy, Katrina and Brett Asher

Athens of Indiana Arts Studios & Gallery, INC.

Attic Selfstor, LLC

Brandy J. Ault

Lynne Ayers

Frank Bailey

Bainbridge Alumni Association

Bainbridge High School Scholarship Fund – Class of 1963

Bainbridge Saddle Club

Dr. Martin and Anna Baker

Thomas E. and Jean Baker

Lori Baker

Glenn and Nora Baker

Baker’s Camp

Gary Barcus

Lisa Barker

Tammy L. Barlow

Darold R. Barnes

Alice K. Bartley

Gerald Bates

James and Lauralee Baugh

Dr. John Joseph and Elizabeth Baughman

L. Jean Baughn

Peter and Suzette Bauman

Joseph and Jackie Baumann

Nancy J. Baumgart

John and Janet Bazini

Chad Beadles

James Beall

The Beaman Family

Belle Union Class of 1957

A. Scott and Deonna S. Bemish

Dan and Kathleen Benassi

Benton Community Foundation

John P. and Barbara Z. Bergen

Keith and Sharyl A. Berry

David E. Berry

Bieniek Law, P.C.

Deborah F. Billmire

Jinsie S. Bingham

Charles Robert and Patricia Birkemeier

Mary Anne Birt

Richard and Christina Bittles

Kevin Bitzer

Terry J. and Dede Black

Julie D. Black

Josi Blanton

Jeffrey O. and Judith L. Blaydes

Ronald G. and Shannon Blotch

Lloyd and Helen Blubaum

Jon Blue

M. I. Blue

Buck Blue

Barbara W. Boese

Chris Bombei

Stephen R. Bonney

Donald L. and Martha G. Bosma

David K. and Marcia F. Boswell

Joel Bottom

Todd and Crenda Bottorff

James B. and Pamela K. Bowman

Lea Bowman

Cathy Ann Boyce

William D. Boyd

Keith Alan and Shirley J Brackney

Brackney Insurance Group Inc.

Von Braden

Nikolaus T. and Tiffany Braeger

Patricia C. Brandt

Kalen Brattain

David Bray

Mary Bretscher

Chris Brewer

Sara J. Bridges

Brightside Financial Care, LLC

Freeman K. and Mavis M. Broadstreet

Howard L. and Marilyn K. Brooks

James and Tammy Brothers

Ron Brothers

Mary Bruce

Alan and Barbara W. Bryan

Clark A. and Bonnie L. Bryan

Nathan C. and Leeann F. Bryan

Bryan Family Farms

Hobert and Kay Buchanan

Valerie J. Buchanan

Debra E. Bunn

William and Victoria Burgman

William J. Burk

Jordan Burkett

Roger Busch

Abbie Bush

Maurice D. and Carolyn S. Butler

Butler’s Skelgas, Inc.

Barbara Lee Butts

Buzzi Unicem USA

Sara Campfield

Barbara Canada

Duane W. and Karen J. Canfield

Dale E. and Velvet Cantonwine

Freeman and Tina Capps

Bradley E. and Gwen J. Carlson

Jane Hughes Carlson

Kenneth Carrington

Deanna Carrington

Dale A. and Rebecca S. Carter

Matthew Carter

Cash Concrete Products, Inc.

Bradford S. and Ceciley M.S. Casselman

Cedar View Farm LLC

CenterPoint Energy Foundation

Ronald and Sheila J. Chadd

David Leon Chalk Jr.

Alexandra B. Chamberlain

Rev. Dr. Paul H. and Margaret B. Champion

Richard F. and Elaine S. Chase

Paul A. and Janet S. Chovan

Elizabeth Christiansen

Katrine Christiansen

Nick Wayne Claycomb

John A. and Christine M. Cleveland Jr.

Daryn and Meredith Clifford

Gene and Nancy M. Clodfelter

John and Cathy Clodfelter

Philip A. and Darla S. Clodfelter

Closed Circuit Audio & Video/The Gould

Group LLC

Cloverdale Agri Center, Inc.

Cloverdale Community Dollars for Scholars

Cloverdale Community School Corporation

Cloverdale FFA Alumni

Co-Alliance, LLP

James W. Cobb Trust/Estate

Earl and Sally Coffman

Linda Coffman

Adam D. Cohen

Abigail Coleman

Bradford H. and Nancy L. Collins

Clyde D. and Karen Compton

Judith A. Compton

Brian Raphael Cook

Charles A. and Karen Sue Cooper

Jean Marie Cooper

Janet U. Cooper

David K and Marla L. Corbin

Susan M. Corder

Robert W. and Joan S. Corns

S. Page and Narda G. Cotton Jr.

Darlene E. Cox

Dorothy Boyd Crawley

Tommy N. and Kellina L. Croan

Joe and Susan Crosby

Thomas Crosby

Todd Crosby

Crossroads Care Pharmacy

Culligan Water of Putnam County

Dalco Overhead Doors

Cheryl Danberry

Jon Davidson

Christopher L. and Amy D. Davies

Eric Layne and Joan K. Davis

Scott Davis

Alec Davis

Ronald J. and Ruth E. Dean

Donna DeBoer

Floyd S. and Donna F. Decker

Deer Creek Cemetery Fund

DePauw University

Dan and Jessie Detro

Detro Trailers LLC

Ann Elena Osborn Dever

Ronald L. and Trudy L. Dickerson

Michael B. and Tiffany B. Dickson

Digital Sounds DJ

Charles and Yvonne Dixon

George M. and Della R. Dixon

Lucy Dold

Michele Thomas Dole

Deborah L. Donelson

Lee A. and Janice P. Dorsey

The Honorable William A. and Kathryn Dory

Nanci G. DuBois

Rebecca L. Dull

Scott D. and Lynda R. Dunbar

Christina Marie Duncan

Gerald R. and Miriam Durham

Ray Dutcher

Roderick R. and Tracy E. Earley

Cody Eckert

Edge 21

Edward Jones

Jacob Eitel

Kenneth J. and Jacquelyn A. Eitel Jr.

Sharon A. Ellett

Dr. Russell P. and Carolyn Elliott

Julie Ann Elmore

Endeavor Communications

David and Margaret English

James and Cathryn Ensley

Patricia Carol Ersland

Scot W. and Karen Evans

Jack Evans

Mark Evans

Robert W. Evans

Pamela Evans

Joel Everson

Stanley and Linda Everts

Dakota Everts

Jennifer Faletic

Farm Credit Services of Mid-America

James C. and Melanie S. Fasone

David and Shana Faust

Kristi Feasel

Joe and Rita P. Ferguson

Victor and Tami J. Ferguson

Larry and Donna Fidler

Bethany Fiechter

Fighting Chance Medical Training LLC

Fillmore United Methodist Church

Darrell G. and Barbara Fine

First Baptist Church – Koinonia Small Group

First Baptist Church

First Baptist DORCAS Circle

First National Bank

Jennifer Kathleen Fischer

Joel and Lauren Flanders

Chris Flegal

Jeffrey D and Shirley Flint

Barbara Flint

William T. Flint

Judith A. Flint

Roberta Diane Flint

David and Bonita Flora

Keith and Stephanie Ford

William and June Foreman

Chester S. Fornari

Betsy Fouts

Rick and Cindy Fouts Stone

William F. and Peggy J. Fox

Evelyn M. Frank

John C. and Sue Ann Frazier

Eric Freeman

Friends of CMMC

Frontstream SPV LLC

Kristen Fuhs Wells

Juan Galeano

Dean A. and Anita J. Gambill

Ann Garceau

Brian Gardner

Cassandra Garrett

Dr. Glenn C. and Julie Gass

Dr. Kenneth B. Gass

Margery and Fredrick Gass

Gavilon Global Ag Holdings, LLC

Kathryn L. Gedert

Dr. David Gellman

Jim and Judith A. George

GHS Class of 1962

GHS Class of 1963

Bruce Gibbs

Jennifer Gibbs

Camryn Marie Gibson

Gibson Foundation Inc.

Phillip and Susan C. Gick

Hannah Giere

Brian G. and Linda R. Gilmartin

Linda J. Gjesvold

Gladys Prichard Farms, Inc.

Alan and Susan M. Glaser

Glenview Village HOA, Inc.

Laurie L. Gobert

Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church

Teresa Goddard

Renee Goodman

James L. and Debbi Goodson

Gary and Janet Gordon

Michael and Rita K. Goss

Mary Goss

Norvin L. Gottula II

John M. Gough

Melissa Gough

Jacob and Madison Gould

Eugene D. and Cheryl L. Grable

Dr. Thomas Hale Graffis

Maria Grantner

Shannon Green

David S. and Alice A. Greenburg

Greencastle Alumni Dollars For Scholars, Inc.

Greencastle Arts Council, Inc.

Greencastle Veterinary Clinic

Greene County Foundation

Greene Realty, LLC

Greene’s Roll Off Services, LLC

Sandra Gregory

Kathryn Gross

Mark D. and Robyn Gunnoe

Daniel and Stephanie Gurnon

David J. and Sheridan L. Hadley

Jacob A. and Lavinia M. Hale

Amy R. Hale

R. Chase Haltom

Kyle Ham

Mark Hammer

Edward N. and Cheryl R. Hammond

Hand in Hand Creative Learning

Kristie Hankins

Jane E. Hansen

Russell and Mary Alice Harcourt

Ronald L. and Martha A. Hardman

Cody Hargis

Michael M. and Susie M. Harmless

Barry and Constance Harrison

DeNiece Harrison-Hudson

Jason T. and Stacey Hartman

Oliver and Jeannie Haste

Hayes, Murphy, Sharp & Brackney Insurance Services, Inc.

Eric and Shirley Hayman

David Hazelton

Dr. Anthony D. and Karen Heavin

Dr. Robert A. Heavin

Michael and Arlene Hecko

Bob and Sherry Hedge

Kenneth R. and Joyce A. Heeke

Helmer Appraisal

Hendricks County Senior Services

Hendricks Power Cooperative

Dr. Jon R. and Janis R. Hendrix

John and Cindy Hennette

Robert L. Hensley

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC

Heritage Fund – The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County

Heritage Lake Property Owners Association

Heritage Lake Scholarship Fund

Heritage Preservation Society of Putnam County, Inc.

Malcolm and Peggy Herring

Loren J. and Patricia A. Hetrick

Joel and Angela Hettmansperger

Roy D. and Elizabeth L. Higgins

Glenn and Lori Hile

Alan P. and Jennett M. Hill

Roger S. and Barbara J. Hines

Harold and Carolyn R. Hiser

Historic Vevay Inc. – Hoosier Theater

Paul and Jennie Hodgen

Abe Hodgen

Dr. Daryl W. and Janice P. Hodges

Mark and Jennifer Hoke

Larry Hollan

Woodland W. and Sherri L. Holm

Holm Design/Holm Engineering

Diana Holsapple

Audra Holton

Holton Holdings, LLC

Steven Holwerda

Bev Hoops

Hoosier Heartland State Bank

Phyllis Hoover-Bornstein

Ernie and Bonnie L. Hopkins

Judith Hornaday

David and Carolyn Houck

Janet Hroch

Brian P. and Sandra S. Huber

Earl F. and Annette M. Hubert

Phil and Cathy Huestis

Melissa Huffman

Duane L. and Jane A. Huge

Mariah Huge

Mary Ellen Huggard

Ashley Hugues

Karissa Hulse

Phil and Joyce Humphreys

Brian and Kandy Humphreys

Camron Humphreys

Nicholas Hutcheson

Whitney Hutcheson

Ronald W. Ikamire

Indiana Department of Transportation

James C. Luzar and Ella L. Ingram

Neil & Michele Irwin

Jeff and Jennifer Jackson

Rex A. and Jennifer S. Jackson

James Jackson

Luella Jackson

Esther Lucinda Jacoby

Thomas L. and Sara L. Janson

Nicole Jarboe

Janet Jayne

Paul R. and Kara Jedele

Robert and Jamie Jedele

Sharon E. Jenson

Nicole Jernagan

Cary and Sheila Johnson

David S. and Ja-Deen Johnson

David and Joyce Johnson

Greg A. and Karen Johnson

Cary Johnson

Keith Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Rick and Cammie Johnston

Christopher L. Johnston

G. Kevin Gough and Paula M. Jones

Kim and Cindy Jones

Mary Jane Jones

Edward C. Jones

Margaret S. Jones

Jamie Jost

JTN Services, Inc.

Justin Thomas Judy

Judy Automotive Center LLC

John and Carie Junkers

Just R Time Construction LLC

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc.

Patti Katter

Heather Keil

Devon Grace Kelsey

Wesley S. and Anna C. Kendall

Bob and Lisa Kendall

Mary H. Kennedy

Margaret M. Kenton

Jeffrey Scott and Michelle Kiger

Connie J. Kiger-Bourne

Kay Kim

Josh King

Judith King

Lisa K. Kirk

Larry J. and Gail I. Klein

Danka Klein

Judith Kleine

Raymond Klipsch

Kathleen Knaul

Knights of Columbus

David Glenn Knott

Dr. Dennis M. and Emily J. Knuth

Bonnie and Micha Koeppel

Amber Ewing Kostoff

Eduard and Ashley Koulak

Milton B. and Margaret J. Krahn

Jack D. and Janice Krebs

Rachel Kreher

Curtis C. Krominaker

Courtney Kwon

Lairs BBQ Shack LLC

Donald R. and LaConda J. Lambermont

Amanda Laney

Rick and Stacie E. Langdon

Dakota M. and Jenna M. Lanham

Larkin Charitable Fund

Dr. Greg and Lisa Larking

Rodney Lasley

Lawson & Co.

James L. and Jo Ellen Leach

Suzanne Leeke

Mark Legan

Legan Livestock & Grain, Inc.

Leon Global Logistics

Dr. James C. Lett Jr.

Gerald R. and Rose Marie K. Lewis

M. Todd and Katrina Ann Lewis

Sue Lieb

Lisa Lien

William W. Lindley

Janet S. Lindley

Jeffrey J. and Susan I. Linn

Larry L. and Eleanora Linneman

Travis and Megan Linneweber

Donald J. and Judy A. Lisby

C. Mytron Lisby

David J. and Natalie W. Little

James Jr. and Carrie Little

Littrell Masonry

Louis Edward Livingston

Catherine Lockhart

Claudia V. Lopez

William A. and Susan M. Lorimer

Kenneth Losin

Robert J. and Patricia H. Lowe

Jennifer L. Lowe

Cathy Lowery

Loyal Order of Moose Greencastle Lodge 1592

Willaim Michael Lynch

Lynne Tweedie

Myrna C. MacArthur

Warren and Connie Macy

Keith and Jennifer Maddox

Kendol Maddox

Gary A. and Linda L. Magee

Judith Colby Magyar

Main Street Greencastle, Inc.

Brad and Shelle Malayer

J.C. and Rachel Mandeville

Fred and Linda Mann

Robert Nelson Mann

Carolyn Mann

Jonathon Maple

Mariette Bargen

Gary and Patricia Martin

Robert J. Martin

Mason Investment Advisory Services Inc.

David C. and Teresa L. Masten

Masten Real Estate Holdings, LLC

Timothy J. and Jody L. Matthews

Dwight E. Matthews

Cynthia J. Mattox

Max Williams Tree Service

Errol J. and Judy K. McBride

Dr. Jeffrey M. and Catherine McCall

Gary L. and Patricia A. McCastle

Kristin McClellan

Colleen McCracken Renick

Pat and Sue McCune


Paul and Betty McGill

Maurice L. and Teresa J. McKee

Marie McKee

Kimberly A. McMains

Lynn M. Mealy

Mildred L. Meehan

Memorial Menders

Albert R. and Anne D. Menard

Mental Health America of Putnam County

William J. and Linda D. Merkel

Adam and Neysa Meyer

Pete E. and Julie Meyer

Judith A. Meyers

John B. Michael

Candace Michael

Ann B. Michael

Mickey’s Camp

Robert and Donna Miles

Douglas W. and Patricia A. Miller

James D. Miller

Jeff Miller

Judy A. Miller

Beva Miller

Cynthia M. Kander Miller

Heather Mills

Sandra A. Mills

Patty Minnick

Devin and Tina Mitchell

Mark E. and Lisa Harris Mock

Christopher P. and Dancie Jo Moore Mohler

Jason and Brandi Monnett

Scott and Laura Monnett

Keith A. Monnett

Montgomery County Free Clinic, Inc.

Montgomery County Historical Society

Montgomery County Leadership Academy

Charles K. Moore

John M. Moore

Sue Anne Moreland

Thom and Gwen Morris

Robby Munoz

Michael A. Murphey

Caitlin Murphy

Michael Murphy

David and Susan Murray

Greg Murray

Janet K. Musser

Mitchell Myers

Linda and Bob Nachtrieb

Rebecca K. Nachtrieb

Aaron Nance

John and Jessica Neace

Neace Construction Services, Inc

Jenna Nees

Gary L. and Deanna Neese

Judy A. Neikirk

Nicholson Consulting

Helen E. Noble

Jenny Noll

Pete and Donna Norris

North Putnam Alumni Association Dollars for Scholars

North Putnam High School

North Putnam Touchdown Club

North Salem State Bank

William B. Nunn

Oaktree Financial Advisors, Inc.

Pat and Paula O’Brien

Samuel T. and Mary Jean Ochs

Clarence C. and Doris O’Hair

Dennis D. and Janet S. O’Hair

John Wesley and Marcia A. O’Hair

Marion and Valerie O’Hair

Andrew O’Hair

Jonathan and Amanda O’Kane

Curtis W. and Mary Olsen

On Target

John and Darla J. Oostendorp

Jacob M. and Erika L. O’Rourke

Kristin Osborn

Bonnie Lynn Osborn

Linda J. Owen

Sarah H. Owen

Owen County Community Foundation, Inc.

Matthew Owens

Owen’s Outdoor Maintenance

Ronald A. and Alma J. Padgett

Pam’s Promise Transitional Housing Corp.

Sherith H. Pankratz

Rick and Judith Parent

Doug and Staci Parent

Lyndi Parent

David A. and Tammi M. Parker

Carolyn Parker

Steve Parker

John Parmley

PDM Aviation LLC

Edward N. and Sharon K. Pearson

M. Elaine Peck

James Martin Peck

Veronica Pejril

Ami Pennington

Thomas C. and Amy E. Perrin

Brian Pershing

Marvin Peters

Joe Peterson

Sarah Phelps

Phi Delta Theta Parents Club

Rachael Phillips

E. June Pickens

Pingleton Sawmill, Inc.

Justin Ray Alan Platt

Marlene A. Poynter

Poynter Farms

Murray and Sara Pride

Chip and Amy Pride

Prime Real Estate Group

Mitchell R. and Judith Lynn Proctor

Pamela M. Propsom

Purdue Club of Putnam County

Purdue University

Putnam County 4-H Dog Club

Putnam County Board of Realtors

Putnam County Comprehensive Services

Putnam County Fair & 4H Club Association

Putnam County Farm

Putnam County Hospice and Palliative Care Association

Putnam County Hospital

Putnam County Kids Count Inc.

Putnam County Museum, Inc.

Putnam County Pantry Coalition

Putnam Plastics Incorporated

Putnam Seed Service

David Puzan

Brandi Query

R and D Builders Inc

R&S Rentals

Jerry D. Raab

Jeffrey J. Raab

Tina Raider

Christopher C. Rambis

Brian K. and Lynn A. Ramey

Andrew Ranck

Nora J. Randle

Larry Ratcliffe

Chuck Ray

Amanda Reed

Katrina L. Reedy

Larry L. and Angela B. Reis

P. James Renz

Danielle Rich

Jeffrey Rich

Roger A. and Susan K. Riggen

Eleanor C. Riggs

Ashley Riggs-Zeigen

Ripley County Community Foundation

John A. and Mary Margaret Rissler

Mike and Becky Roach

Charles W. Roach

Gunner Roach

Roachdale Building Supply

David L. and Jacqueline R. Roberts

Sally D. Roberts

Lauren Rochester

Michael and Wendy Rogers

Phyllis Rokicki

Malcolm S. Romine

Ronald and Nancy Livesay

Dennis R. and Samantha A. Roper

Rhonda Rossok

Gregory K. Ruark

Valerie Rudolph

Robert J. Russell

Evans Rust

S5 Investments LLC

Charles F. and Mary Ann Saathoff

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Danny and De Sanders

Mary Sanders

Steve and Debbie Sands

Monica Sargent

Dr. John and Marianne Savage

Judith C. Schaab

Judi M. Scheer

Rita Schendel

Larry and Lana Schimpf

William and Carol Schlesinger

David W. and Amy L. Schneider

George A. and Susan Schneider

Norbert P. Schott

Wayne P. and Myra A. Schuetter

J.R. and Ginger Scott

Larry and Lora J. Scott

Jessie Scott

Martha D. Sechman

Dr. Robert P. Sedlack

Selective Insurance Company of America

Vaughn M. and Cheryl R. Selvey

James W. and Anne Sewell

Jimmy and Autumn Shake

Alicia C. Shaw

Tatsunori Shigeta

Timothy K. and Kim E. Shinn

Heather Shirk

Johanna Shirley

Rodney Shoemaker

Michelle Shorter

William D. and Polly B. Shuee

William M. and Kaytlynn M. Shuee

Bobby J. Siefert

Jeffrey and Denise Sigworth

Rodney L. and Jacquelyn S. Simpson

William C. and Virginia L. Singleton

Karen P. Singson

J. Larry and D. Mary Skinner

Gloria Skipworth

Doug and Jana Smith

Ernest E. and Bonnie J. Smith

Mark W. and Margaret Smith

Michael J. and Janice V. Smith

Samuel J.L. and Whitney A. Smith

Amy Smith

Colin and Loretta Smith

Larry Smith

Ruby B. Smith

Gail A. Smith

Ryan M. Smith

Dr. Mark A. Smith D.D.S.

Shane Sommers

Elizabeth A. Spencer

Martin and Ann Spitz

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church Ladies Guild

Daryl and Darla Staley

Piper Stamper

Shelly Starbuck

State Employees’ Community Campaign

State Farm Insurance – Brad Tucker

State Farm Life Insurance Company

Dale K. and Jean E. Steele

Robert and Pamela Steele

Dr. Jack Steele

Norman R. Steele

Dr. John B. Stephens

Cheryl E. Steuerwald

Rachel Stevenson

Stevenson Farms

Shirley Steward

Lee M. and Susan J. Stewart

Mike Stewart

Fauneil Stewart

Carrie Stiff

Tom Stocks

Ruth Stone

Kaitlin R. Strauss

George A. and Ruth E. Stultz

Michael E. and Debra M. Summers

Janelle Summers

Richard and Sally E. Sunkel

Dallas and Opal Sutherlin

Joann Hubble Sutherlin

Larry G. and Patricia H. Sutton

Marilyn Taylor

Taylor Made Awards

Teachers Credit Union

Brian Lee Tefertiller

Gail M. Tharp

The Bearded Painter

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

The Blue Caboose Inc.

The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette

The Green Fields Group, Inc.

The Rustique Boutique, LLC

Theta Chapter Delta Theta Tau

Darrel L. Thomas

Henry U. and Nancy E. Thomas

John and Jean Thomas

Steven R. and Margaret H. Thomas

Gerel and Mary Lynn Thompson

Don and Sharon Thompson

Gerrit N. and Julie A. Thompson

Richard A. and Clara M. Thompson

Troy and Shelly Thompson

Anthony Tillman

Glenna J. Timmons

Larry Tippin

Donna L. Tippin

Eric J. and Lois K. Tomaskovic


Tri-County Bank & Trust

June and Paul Tsoi

Al and Joan Tucker

Thomas L. Turk

Marian R. Stamper Ullrich


Lyle E. and Peggy D. Underwood

United Way of Central Indiana

University of Indianapolis


Jim, Barb and Sam Vaughn

Jody Verplaetse

Marvin Lee and Becky Voyles

Wabash Capital

Wabash Valley Community Foundation

Daniel J. and Megan N. Wager

Ella L. Wagner

Kylie Wainman

Joseph C. and Marilynn A. Walden

Janet G. Walker

Linda Sue Wall

Warren County Community Foundation

Watchman Roofing LLC

Dr. Thomas A. and Lynn H. Webb

Dave and Sandy K. Webb

Catherine A. Weidenbener

Kathryn Weinrichter

D. M. Weisbard

Matthew Welker

David and Amelia L. Wells

Greg and Kim Wells

Lisa C. Wesley

West Central Veterinary Services

Jennifer Whaley

Judy Whitaker

Michael H. and Linda L. White

Reed D. and Carol L. Whitesel

Darren Isaac and Renee Wiatt

Chris and Nicki Wiedeman

Benjamin Wilkerson

Regan Wilkinson

Lloyd J. Willever

David and Carol A. Williams

Jerry L. and Sandra L. Williams

Kerry L. and Pamela J. Williams

Maxine Williams

Williams Dirt Service, LLC

Williams Tree Service Inc.

Jerry W. and Linda R. Williamson

Christopher S. and Melissa A. Wilson

Tom L. Wilson

Dale A. and A. Nicholle Winger

Rodger A. and Deborah S. Winger

Marilyn Winters

Wired LLC

Hollie Wokoun

Eric Wolfe and June Javens-Wolfe

John R. and Linda Wood

Dr. Nicholas Woodall

Rick Allen Woodall

Timothy W. and Jeannine A. Woodley

Heather Wright

Tim and Robin Wyatt

John G. and Anstiss C. Wynn

YMCA of the Wabash Valley, Inc

Nickolas C. and Kaye E. York

Rick and Jane York

Nick York

Linda L. York

Robert A. York Jr.

Molly Yuska

Dr. David P. and Lorie Zandi

Andrew Mike Zeller

Alan C. and Mary K. Zerkel

Mark and Patricia E. Zeronik

Kimberly M. Zeronik

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