Spirit of Philanthropy Award

The Spirit of Philanthropy Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation and recognizes persons who have demonstrated extraordinary philanthropic spirit and accomplishments.  There is no requirement to recognize someone with the Spirit of Philanthropy Award every year; it is only awarded when someone truly remarkable rises to the top.

Spirit of Philanthropy Award Recipients

Mary Louise Miller (1994)

Robert W. Evans (1995)

Darrell L. Wiatt (2003)

Ginger A. Scott (2005)

Lynn A. & David A. Bohmer (2006)

Robert H. Lyon (2007)

Kenneth J. Eitel, Jr. (2009)

Sally H. Gray (2010)

Jinsie S. Bingham (2011)

Murray F. Pride (2012)

Malcolm S. Romine (2013)

Al Tucker (2014)

Thomas H. Graffis (2016)

Gene Clodfelter (2017)

Bill & Joy Marley (2018)

Todd Lewis (2020)

Vivian Whitaker (2020)

Alan Zerkel (2022)

Sue Murray (2023)

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