2020-21 Lilly Scholar

In 1998, the first Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship (LECS) was awarded. Since then the Community Foundation has recognized 40 outstanding Putnam County graduates with the scholarship, which provides full-tuition, fees, and a book stipend for four years of undergraduate study at any accredited college or university in Indiana. The Putnam County LECS award is a merit-only scholarship that recognizes academic achievement, social commitment, extra-curricular involvement, capacity to lead and motivate others, ability to articulate a career plan, and performance during interviews.

The 2020-21 Lilly Scholar is Evan Steffy. During his tenure at South Putnam High School (SPHS), Steffy has been a leader in a variety of organizations. He has served as the president of his class each of the four years, president of the National Honor Society, twice captain of the English Academic Super Bowl Team, and as a three-year member of the Putnam County Youth Philanthropy Committee currently serving as the Youth Co-Chair. He was also chosen as the 2020 DAR Good Citizen Award recipient.

Evan is a four-year member of FFA, having received both individual and team recognition at both State and National FFA Conventions. He is also a distinguished athlete as he was named to the Western Indiana All-Conference 5 times and All-County 9 times. Additionally, he has not shied away from taking a rigorous academic load taking AP and dual credit courses.

Steffy plans to study civil engineering while attending DePauw University, where he will be able to continue his swimming career with the Tigers. 

Past Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Recipients

2020: Ben Wilkerson – Greencastle High School

2019: Jaxon Parmley – Greencastle High School

2018: Sean Ramey – Greencastle High School

2017: David Flannelly – North Putnam High School

2016: Zachary Wilkerson – Greencastle High School

2015: Taylor Secrest – Greencastle High School

2014: Melody White – Greencastle High School

2013: Kathryn (Welch) Hudson – North Putnam High School

2012: Samuel Gould – South Putnam High School

2011: Megan Robinson – North Putnam High School

2010: Megan Klotz – South Putnam High School

2010: Dakota (Parent) Everts – North Putnam High School

2009: Tyler Heavin – South Putnam High School

2009: Tabitha (Arnold) Michaloski – South Putnam High School

2008: Ashlyn Archer – Greencastle High School

2008: James Fidler – Cloverdale High School

2007: Zachary Grammel – Greencastle High School

2007: Chelsey (Mann) Meluch – Cloverdale High School

2006: Drew Christy – South Putnam High School

2006: Hannah (Aker) Evans – South Putnam High School

2005: Christopher Bowen – South Putnam High School

2005: Alison Colvin – North Putnam High School

2004: Neal Knapp – North Putnam High School

2004: Kate Martin – Greencastle High School

2004: Toi Thompson – Cloverdale High School

2003: Jonathan Hassler – South Putnam High School

2003: James Jackson – North Putnam High School

2003: Katherine Johnson – South Putnam High School

2002: Kyle Beasley – South Putnam High School

2002: Kyle Hassler – South Putnam High School

2002: Mallory Pearson – South Putnam High School

2001: Andrew Boese – Greencastle High School

2001: Christopher Cummings – South Putnam High School

2001: Marcy (Hammer) Gallagher – Greencastle High School

2000: Tara (McColgin) Dutta – North Putnam High School

2000: Kevin McCall – Greencastle High School

1999: Tiffany White – South Putnam High School

1999: Stephanie (Brown) Cunnyngham – South Putnam High School

1998: Rachel Scott – North Putnam High School

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