Fund Spotlight: Bainbridge High School Alumni Scholarship

In 2012, members of the Bainbridge High School Alumni Association gathered at the Putnam County Community Foundation, where they established a scholarship endowment for students from the northern townships of Putnam County.

Fast forward nearly seven years, and the alumni association embarked on a fundraising campaign to further grow their endowment and increase their impact. The group participated in Share the Dream in 2019, and with the support of many community partners, they raised more than $37,000 for their endowment, during the three-month matching period.

“Our scholarship will now be able to not only fund a four-year scholarship every year, but as it continues to grow, it will provide additional scholarships,” said Janet O’Hair, Bainbridge High School Alumni Association Fundraising Chair.

The Bainbridge High School Alumni Scholarship has awarded six scholarships since 2012.

Share the Dream is a program established in 2003 by the Putnam County Community Foundation to encourage fundraising efforts for existing endowments. Contact Neysa Meyer, Communications Director, at to learn more about this annual fundraising program.

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