2020 Annual Report: Youth Philanthropy Committee

The Youth Philanthropy Committee is an initiative of the Putnam County Community Foundation that aims to cultivate young philanthropists who will follow the learned traditions of giving and serving their community throughout their lives.

The committee’s purpose is to foster youth development and experiences in the philanthropic sector, promote and encourage community initiatives that address concerns of our youth, and nurture the development of youth and adult partnerships where they work to serve the common good. 

Committee members financially support the program, participate in service projects and fundraisers, fulfill a leadership role in the Committee’s work, and work together as a team to promote and award grants for youth-led service projects. 

In 2020, the Youth Philanthropy Committee awarded a grant to South Putnam Future Farmers of America. The funds were used to purchase a Cricut machine to assist members in designing and manufacturing face masks.

2020 Youth Philanthropy Committee members:

  • Evan Steffy (2020-21 Student-Chair)
  • Benjamin Wilkerson (2019-20 Student-Chair)
  • Liz Cheatham (Board-Chair)
  • Gayle Baugh
  • Jacob Beadles
  • Garrison Bock
  • Aubree Branigan
  • Grace Elmore
  • Alaina Fritz
  • Elijah Hardwich
  • Caroline Hodge
  • Catherine Hodge
  • Paige Kaiser
  • Maximus Kaufman
  • David Knott 
  • Jayden Simpson
  • Ruby Sullivan
  • Grace Timm
  • Vivian Whitaker
  • Kinzee Wilson


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