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Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church Endowment Gobin Church

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide financial support to Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church, Greencastle, Indiana.

History of Fund

Methodism came to Putnam County in 1821 with the arrival of two itinerant preachers. The first services were held in the log homes of church members. It wasn't until 1826 that a primitive meeting house was constructed of hewn logs. It was the fist house of worship in the county and it was located near the present Gobin Church. In 1847 Roberts Chapel was constructed, named after the late Bishop Robert R. Roberts. (He is buried on DePauw campus.)  Another chapel, Simpson Chapel, was built nearby a few years later after the first president of Indiana Asbury University-- now DePauw. They later merged.

In the late 1800's there were two Methodist churches in Greencastle: Locust Street and College Avenue. There were worship services Sunday morning and evening and prayer meetings on Thursday. Music was an important part of both congregations. By the 1920's there was a move to consolidate the two congregations. The new congregation was to "be a center where people of the town and college could come together for common social enjoyment." This new church--the present structure--was called Greencastle Methodist Episcopal Church, and it retained that name until 1933. In 1933 the name was changed to Gobin Memorial in honor of Hillary A. Gobin, a DePauw president.

The present Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church continues to be a community church with a ministry to the campus. Music plays an important part in the worship life of the congregation, as does inspirational and challenging preaching. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is among the great preachers who have spoken at Gobin. In an age of contemporary worship, Gobin has maintained a more traditional--some would even say "high church"--style of worship. Gobin has been and is a vital center of worship, study, and service in the city of Greencastle, and an imposing presence at the campus of DePauw University.


Payout Grant History
2000        $8,500.00

2001        $9,300.00

2002        $9,000.00

2005        $5,000.00

2006        $8,049.70

2007        $8,924.28 

2008        $9,576.11  

2009        $7,236.82 

2010        $9,153.79 

2011        $8,631.25

2012        $8,500.02

2013        $6,015.98

2014        $9,405.67  

2015        $9,746.52 

2016        $9,999.85               
Total        $145,136.82

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