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Catherine T. McCord Fund for Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church

Catherine T. McCord

Year Founded

Catherine T. McCord

Purpose of Fund
The purpose of the endowment is to provide unrestricted financial support to Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church in Greencastle, Indiana. Should Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church cease activity, distributions should support any Methodist Church in Greencastle. Should there be no Methodist Church, distributions should support the Asbury Towers Methodist Home; should there be no more Methodist Home in Greencastle, distributions should support DePauw University.

History of Fund
Martha Catherine Tillotson McCord was born in Frankfort, Indiana July 17, 1897. In 1918, 20-year-old McCord graduated from DePauw with a double major in English Literature and French. She worked for DePauw for 17 years as a cashier in the treasurer's office. McCord was preceded in death by her husband Joseph, whom she married in 1935. He passed away in 1978.

McCord passed away on September 20, 2001. She is survived by a niece, a nephew, and 15 grandnieces and grandnephews. After her passing, former DePauw President Robert G. Bottoms stated, "DePauw University has lost a loyal alumna and friend. It was an annual tradition at Alumni Reunion Weekend for Catherine McCord to stand as the sole surviving member of her class. Throughout her life, she also stood for kindness, grace, and as an example of the many traditions embodied in this wonderful place that we call DePauw."

Grant/ Payout History
1998    $1,061.51
2004    $2,250.00
2005    $3,531.63
2006    $4,405.47
2007    $4,819.72
2008    $5,131.28
2009    $5,217.84
2010    $4,852.24
2011    $4,524.76
2012    $4,386.33
2013    $26,333.15

2014    $4,657.08

2015    $4,493.02

2016    $4,296.81
Total    $79,960.84


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