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Roscoe & Flossie N. Zeiner Scholarship Fund

Year Founded

Robert Bowen (Pictured)

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to financially assist Putnam County adults and youth, attending higher education, who demonstrate financial need, moral character, and the motivation to succeed in a career. This assistance shall be provided through one-year, renewable scholarships. The Foundation Board of Directors and the Founding Contributor (or his designee) will work together and agree on scholarship recipients. It is understood that scholarship recipients cannot be members or family members of the Founding Contributor, advisory committees, or Foundation board members.

History of Fund
The Roscoe and Flossie N. Zeiner Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 at the Putnam County Community Foundation by a lifelong friend of the couple, Robert A. Bowen from Fillmore, Indiana. Robert reported that he and Roscoe Zeiner had grown up living together like brothers. 

Roscoe and Flossie were never blessed with children, but they helped many people and carried a life long dream to make a difference in the lives of young people. Robert reported that while Roscoe was lying sick in the hospital, he had shared with Robert his wishes to establish a scholarship program, and Robert promised him that he would make it happen.

Robert reported that the inspiration for the scholarship program had come from one of Roscoe’s farmer friends. This friend had made it possible for a hard-working neighbor boy to complete college and become a doctor. This doctor continues to practice in Putnam County to this day. Roscoe and Flossie had regretted not being able to obtain a college education and it was their wish to be able to support hard working Putnam County youth achieve their goals. 

Robert said that Roscoe was very specific about the type of person he wanted to receive the scholarship. The best scholarship recipient would be, above all, a hard worker, determined to make something of his or her life, and lacking the necessary financial means to pay for a college education. Robert Bowen was born in 1926 and served Putnam County as a milkman for 30 years. In 1976, he opened up his own Goodyear Tire and Service Station in Kendallville, Indiana, working there until his health no longer allowed it. Robert and his wife Barbara (Hurst) Bowen, have two daughters, Karen (Bowen) Hamm and Theresa Sue (Bowen) Pratt.  Both women are special education teachers.

Scholarship Recipients


Christa Asbury


Christa Asbury


Christa Asbury


Sarabeth L. Couch

Samantha M. DeVellen

Trevor Snider

Sarabeth Louise Couch



Britani Nichole Wood

Emmett Boruff

Ian Redman
Chelsea Payne

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