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Purdue Club of Putnam County Scholarship Fund

Year Founded

The Purdue Club of Putnam County

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide educational financial support to Purdue students. A committee designated by the Founding Contributor will recommend nominees for the monetary award. The Board of Directors of the Putnam County Community Foundation will approve award nominees. Award recipients may not be members or family members of advisory committees or Foundation board members.

History of Fund
In 1998, Marianne and Jim Ash, Heritage Lake residents, were interested in bringing together people in Putnam County who had ties with Purdue University. With help from the Purdue Alumni Association, they compiled a list of Putnam County residents who had attended, or received a degree from Purdue University. They assembled a small group of interested people, sent out a survey to the entire list, and received very favorable responses. This initial group included Jim & Marianne Ash, Jerry & Sandy Williams, John & Rea Zeiner, Rusty & Kathie King, Don & Shirley Steward, Rodger & Debbie Winger, Ron & Jane Alcorn, Brad & Shelle Malayer.

By May 1998, a larger group met and elected officers. While Purdue sports and social events were important to the group, it was decided that promoting education at Purdue would be a primary goal. Fundraising activities were begun to establish a scholarship fund for Putnam County students who wished to attend Purdue. Events for raising funds have included auctions of Purdue memorabilia at club dinners and the annual golf outing, initiated in 1999. The club’s first scholarship to Purdue was awarded in 2002. It was also recognized that the club needed to establish a way of investing funds to secure the future of its scholarship program and member Jerry Williams acquainted everyone with the Putnam County Community Foundation’s endowment program for such purposes. In addition to funding scholarships each year, the club also worked toward the goal of raising the amount necessary to initiate a scholarship fund within the PCCF. This goal was realized by November 2003, when the initial investment with the PCCF was made.

Many activities have been enjoyed since the club began and many Purdue graduates have enlivened the golf outings and dinner meetings, including Kevin Gregory, Channel 6 weatherman; Guy Gardner, ex-astronaut; Leroy Keyes, Purdue’s “All Time Greatest Football Player”; Todd foster, former Purdue basketball player; Mark Herrman, Purdue quarterback for three consecutive bowl games; and many others.

Back Row: Elaine Peck, Ron Birt, Rodger Winger, Don Steward, Jim Ash, Jerry Williams
Front Row: Shirley Steward, Marianne Ash, Sandy Williams

Scholarship Recipients


Allacyn Arnold

Nathan Gobert

Lyndi Parent

Alexandra Weliever


Erik Norlin

Allacyn Arnold

Jason Ummel


Allacyn R Arnold

Cameron S Mann

Tatum L Straziscar

Jason D Ummel


Erik Norlin

Tatum Straziscar

Diane Wokoun

Tanner Dean

Emily Gill
Josie Parent
Tatum Straziscar
Diane Wokoun

Emily Gill
Tari Straziscar
Ryan Stevens

Cody Long
Emily Dean
Garrett Porter

Tim Mason
Jacob Anthony Saunders
Hilary Daniel Schroeder

Eric Drawbaugh
Brenten Allen McGaughey
Janna Oxford

Rebecca Seahorn
Tyler Trent
Stacy Wilson


Kristi J. Sheldon
Jeffrey A. Hutchens
Elizabeth M. Legan

Ryan Wilson
Jenna Smith
Kalen Brattain

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