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Lisa Stringer Thies Memorial Scholarship Fund
—You could never look Lisa in the eye, and tell her, "I can't."

Lisa Stringer

Year Founded


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stringer

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide educational financial support to a graduate of a Putnam County high school intending to pursue higher education in the area of service to the physically disabled. Persons designated by the Board of Directors of the Putnam County Community Foundation will recommend scholarship nominees. The Board of Directors has final approval of all scholarship nominees. It is understood that scholarship recipients may not be members or family members of Foundation staff, advisory committees, or the Board of Directors.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stringer celebrated the life of their only daughter, Lisa Stringer Thies, by establishing a scholarship fund at the Putnam County Community Foundation. Each year, a scholarship will be awarded in her honor to a student preparing to help the physically handicapped.

Lisa was born with a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as "brittle bone disease." This disease causes the bones to be so brittle that a simple hug can cause a bone fracture. Lisa spent most of the first eighteen months of her life in the Shriner Hospital in Chicago, and she was confined to a wheelchair for most of her life. Over her life she suffered countless bone fractures, breaks, and surgeries.

Lisa grew to only a little more than 3 feet in height, but her spirit grew tall. She was a courageous, enthusiastic, and strong woman. She graduated from South Putnam High School, earned a Bachelors degree from Judson College, and a Masters Degree in Handicapped Services from Indiana State University.

The StringersShe married Kenneth W. Thies and obtained a job at a California State Fullerton as the Assistant Director of Handicapped Services, working there for fifteen years, primarily with students with hearing and visual impairments. Lisa was extraordinarily powerful and inspirational in her role helping handicapped persons to achieve to their highest potential. As one of her students said at her memorial service, "You could never look Lisa in the eye, and tell her, I can't."

Thomas Stringer, graduated from Greencastle High School, went to Indiana Business College and was a barber for 35 years. After Lisa's early hospitalization, he became a lifelong Shriner.

Nancy Stringer graduated from Greencastle High School, went to Indiana State University and worked for 37 years at DePauw University as the Secretary to the Director of Food Services.

Scholarship Recipients


Kaelynn Abner


Erin Beatty


Jason Ummel


Makalah Reed

Tatum Straziscar

Amanda Roach

Jesse Elkins

Allysia Lollar

Annalise Small

Dana Proctor

Christian Pitts

Kaila Christy

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