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Evans Family Culver Academy Scholarship Fund

Year Founded

Robert W. Evans

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide a source of financial support for a Putnam County resident who has been accepted for admission to Culver Military Academy, Culver Girls Academy, or Culver Summer Schools.

History of Fund
In 1994, Lisa Gibson, Executive Secretary of the Community Foundation at the time, wished to surprise, honor and recognize Bob Evans, at the Community Foundation’s Annual Meeting. Bob was President of the Community Foundation from 1990-1994 and had been very successful in his efforts. Ms. Gibson solicited Board Members to make donations to start a Scholarship Endowment for Culver Academies, Bob’s alma mater. It was the perfect gift and quite a surprise. Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana were near and dear to Bob’s heart. His older brother and all three of his sons had also graduated from Culver. 

On April 26, 1994, donations were received from the following board members to initiate the Endowment: 

  1. B. Kim Ames
  2. Eleanor Ballard
  3. Ella Marie Torr
  4. Robert Bottoms
  5. Louise Brackney
  6. Dorothy Brown
  7. Charles Chandler
  8. Nelson Ford
  9. Thomas Graffis
  10. Frances Hickman
  11. Ken Eitel
  12. George Murphey
  13. Amanda Reiblich
  14. Malcolm Romine
  15. Robert Farber
  16. Beth Flint
  17. Barbara Mann
  18. Ted Willer
  19. John Sturgeon
  20. Catherine Jackson
  21. Mary Louise Miller
  22. Laurel Turk
The Robert Evans Family in 2010- from left to right, grandson Shelby, granddaughter Taylor, son Brad, granddaughter Grace, Sharon, son Scott, daughter-in-law Amy, Bob, grandson Burk, daughter-in-law Allison, granddaughter Annie, son Stan.

Scholarship Recipients


Hunter Miller                      

Joshua Branson


Shantel Dinwiddle

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