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Barbara and Edward Brookshire Scholarships

Brookshire Family

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide educational financial support in the form of scholarships to financially needy student(s) each year as follows: at least one (1) to a student recommended by the Putnam County 4-H Council; at least one (1) to a Purdue student majoring in Agriculture recommended by the Purdue Club of Putnam County.

History of Fund

"We are so grateful that we are able to help others."

Having vastly different backgrounds, Ed and Barbara Brookshire have been fortunate to have enjoyed more than 55 years of togetherness.

The couple met in 1949, during a time when the Methodist Church Overseas Relief was seeking homes and employment for families who had been in concentration camps. Ed made many visits to the local church office to inquire about a family. Barbara, who is from Chicago, worked in the church office. The couple was married just five weeks before a Ukrainian family of four arrived from Germany.

Ed comes from a family with a tradition of steadfast loyalty to the farm that has been in the family since 1891. After his years at Purdue and six years as Herdsman at the Indiana State Hospital Ed returned to operate the family's business. A dairy farm since 1916, Brookshire Farms was known for its outstanding production.

Barbara used the knowledge she gained on the farm in the classroom, helping children to understand where food comes from through a course called Farming in the Classroom. Barbara was active in the Dairy Association and in the Extension Homemakers, and represented the state in an exchange program to Scotland.

Barbara and Edward experienced the sorrow of having their educations interrupted for financial reasons during the Great Depression, and recognize the importance of education for a successful life. The Barbara and Edward Brookshire Scholarships Fund were founded in 2004. Two scholarships will be awarded annually to Putnam County residents from the couple's scholarship fund. One will be selected by the Purdue Club of Putnam County and the other will be selected by the Putnam County 4-H Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Recipients


Morgan Asher - 4-H

Lillian Boyd - 4-H

Megan Arnold - Purdue

Heather Goss - Purdue


Mariah Huge - 4-H

Megan Arnold - 4-H

Chelsey Kiger - Purdue

Megan Arnold - Purdue

Heather Goss - Purdue


Allacyn R. Arnold - 4-H

Beth Ann Hansen - 4-H

Emmet R. Holsapple - 4-H

Collin L. Berry - Purdue

Zane E. Crosby - Purdue

Emily M. Dobson - Purdue

Miriah L. Cherry - 4-H

Alexandra R. Stoffregen - 4-H

Taylor N. Hicks - Purdue

Valerie P. Scott - Purdue
Sarah M. Woodworth - Purdue

Jessie L. McKean - 4-H
Jacob C. Robertson - 4-H
Justin K. Berry - Purdue

Tari Straziscar - Purdue
Sarah M. Woodworth - Purdue

Kaitlin Arnold - 4-H

Kyle Cunningham - 4-H

Shea Mahoney-Sutherlin - 4-H

Janna Oxford - Purdue
Valerie Scott - Purdue
Tari Straziscar - Purdue


Janna Oxford - 4-H
Kyle Alcorn - Purdue
Katherine Farris - Purdue

Hannah Dickey - 4-H

Ashlee Pinney - 4-H
Renee Foltz - Purdue
Courtney Mann - Purdue
Janna Oxford - Purdue

Amber Beams - 4-H

Megan Robertson - 4-H

John Sims - 4-H
Kyle Alcorn - Purdue

Jacob Saunders - Purdue
Rebecca Seahorn - Purdue

Tyler Archer - 4-H
Megan Criss - 4-H
Jacob Saunders - Purdue

Kayla Bumgardner - 4-H
Jessica Fry - 4-H
Kristen Fry - Purdue

Jenna Smith - Purdue


Kole W. Ames - 4-H

Jada Buchannan - Purdue

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