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Alpha Gamma Delta Eta Chapter Alumni Scholarship Fund

Year Founded

Alpha Gamma Delta House Association

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide educational financial support to students enrolled as a junior or senior at an accredited Indiana college/university or accepted into a post-graduate degree program at an accredited college/university. Eligible students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. An advisory committee designated by the Founding Contributor will recommend scholarship nominees. The Board of Directors of the Putnam County Community Foundation has final approval of scholarship nominees. It is understood that scholarship recipients may not be members or family members of advisory committees or Foundation board members.

History of Fund
Alpha Gamma Delta Eta Alumnae Chapter donated their chapter house to the Putnam County Community Foundation in 1997. The house had been idle since 1993. As a result of this donation, a $250,000 endowed scholarship fund was established. Founders were Mary Jane Monnett, Leslie Smith, Dorothy Stickle, Sylvia Spicer, Maria Mecum, Nadia Nasr, Value Poor, Evelyn Robbins, Fauneil Stewart, Janet Teeguarden, Ruth Van Zwoll, Ida Mae Youse, Jayne Williams, Gwen Bottoms, and Stephanie Kingsley.

Scholarship Recipients


Hannah Alling

Alexandria Land

Quinci Miller

Nicole Salwowski

Mitchell Stacy


Matthew White

Lorrie Dyer

Ellen Gobert

Alexandria Land

Mitchell Stacy

Allison Trimpe


Hannah E Ramey

Valerie P Scott

Ellen M Gobert

William D Grabowski

Traci E Smith


Benjamin Hesler

Kory George

Valerie Scott

Robbie Urton

Hannah Ramey

Hollie Boyles
Kory George
Khanh Ha
Robbie Urton

Hollie Boyles
Lindsey Bauman
Emily Wilson

Sarah Tharp
Linda Burris
Hollie Boyles
Bethany Gehman
Emily Wilson
Lindey Bauman
Katherine Haller

Mark Hood
Madeleine Schultz
Leann Fruits
Jenna Witts
Emma Kaiser
Megan Forshey
Caitlynn McKinney

Stephanie Smith
Maile Tilden



Jeanette Jones
Stephanie Smith
Marissa Fenton
Michelle Davenport
Janessa Cole
Krista Hanson
Megan Pearson
Margaret Siebert


Marissa Fenton
Christian Pitts
Janessa Cole
Margaret Siebert

Jesse Williams
Christian Pitts
Daniel Williams

Jesse W. Williams
Christian Pitts
Sarah Gentry
Daniel Williams

Megan Miller
Katie Snellenbarger

Jennifer Borowski

Luke Kimmel
Jodi Clodfelter
Juile Black
Nicole Roberts
Carly Ecenbarger
Thomas Coburn
Amy Kamuf
Lisa Updike
Jason Clearwater
Brandy Heyde
Lindsay Broadfoot

Jennifer Stevens

Carly Ecenbarger
Gaye Lindsley
Natalya Sizikova
Sara Phillips

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