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Reelsville & Washington Township Fire Department Endowment

John McPherson and co-workers

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Year Founded

Purpose of Fund

The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide income for needed equipment, upkeep, maintenance, training, or related programs in support of the Reelsville & Washington Township Fire Department. Should this entity no longer exist, income will be distributed to the Fire Department District which provides fire protection for the area of Reelsville and Washington Township, Putnam County, Indiana.

History of Fund

Reelsville/Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department was founded on January 2, 1961 by twenty-five community members who saw a huge need for fire protection in Washington Township. Prior to this time, if there was a fire in the Township, units were dispatched from Brazil, the Indiana State Farm, or Greencastle, to fight the fire.  These twenty-five members answered twelve calls for service in 1961, utilizing a one-thousand gallon re-purposed gasoline tanker with a pump as their fire truck. In the following years, the Department grew to include two new trucks, a pumper, and a tanker. For more than 20 years, that is what we responded with.

Over time the volume of calls for service increased. In addition, emergency medical equipment, extrication equipment, and brush/grass fire equipment began to be needed, so the Department began looking at more specialized trucks to better respond to those in need within our township. In 1985, the Department purchased a quick-attack truck that would double as a brush truck and would later serve as our first medical-response truck as well. By 1990, the Department was responding to almost 140 runs a year. Since most were medical runs, the Department was able to secure a van from Public Service and converted it into a medical-response truck. Since that truck was placed in service, the Department has seen a steady increase in runs every year.   

Currently (2017), we average around 275 runs per year and we respond with four pieces of equipment that includes equipment for fires, medical, rescue, hazmat, tree responses, and many other things. The Department has thirty volunteer firefighters on the roster, but more help is always needed from those that would like to serve the people of our community. ~Written by John McPherson, Treasurer, 2017

Grants Awarded

2015  $1,067.32

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