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Sycamore Trails Resource Conversation and Development Council, Inc. Endowment Fund

Year Founded

To access the

Sycamore Trails

R. C. & D. Council website,

click the logo below.


Purpose of Fund

The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide a source of income for Sycamore Trails Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc., a non-profit organization, to carry out its role and mission as described by its governing documents. In the event it is impracticable or impossible to fulfill the primary purpose, the alternative purpose shall be to provide funding to the Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Cooperative Extension Boards and/or Boards of County Commissioners of counties within the boundaries of Sycamore Trails Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.

History of Fund

Sycamore Trails Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council involves volunteers who are interested in enhancing natural resources and improving local communities. We are headquartered in Greencastle, but serve nine counties in west central Indiana.







We educate people, young and old, about the wise and sustainable use of the many natural resources in our area forests, rivers, ponds, and wildlife. We help to protect land from development, to preserve green space for future generations. We assist landowners in restoring land damaged by mining so it can grow plants and trees, and not contaminate water. 


Sycamore Trails partners with many like-minded organizations, often on a regional basis, so our programs have a bigger impact. We have even served as an “incubator” for other groups, allowing them to get started under our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, assisting them until they can get established and become an independent nonprofit organization. Some of those groups include:

        • Friends of McCormick’s Creek State Park
        • Friends of Turkey Run & Shades State Parks
        • Ouabache Land Conservancy 

Although our main focus is natural resources, we can also help local citizens and communities tackle social and economic concerns. We have a large network of expertise upon which to draw to help local people solve local problems.

Our endowment fund helps enable us to continue to improve the communities we serve. We welcome both donors and volunteers who would like to join our efforts.

Grant / Payout History

First Grant Awarded

2005: $1,329.29

Most Recent Grant Award

2015 $2,792.34

Total Grant Awards:


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