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Morgan Beck Small Endowment Fund for Learning Castle Preschool

Year Founded

Mary Morgan Beck

Purpose of Fund
Provide income for the needs of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Greencastle, Indiana, specifically for the Learning Castle Preschool.

History of Fund
Lowell A. Morgan and Mary (Hanner) Morgan Beck were born and raised in Jackson County, Indiana. Lowell was born in 1907 and Mary was born in 1910.  Both were the oldest children in their families and as well as the first in their families to attend institutions of higher education. Lowell earned a teaching license at Indiana University, and Mary studied at Indiana Business College. Lowell received further education to become an accountant.

They married in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1936 after both had received advanced education. Mary worked as an executive secretary for companies such as Stokley Van Camp and United Food Brokers, and Lowell began teaching. He was drafted at age 36 into the Army to serve in WWII. When he returned from WWII, he began working at Eli Lilly and Co, where he was employed until his retirement in 1972. 

After their daughter, Vicki, was born, Mary became the first secretary of Plainfield Christian Church and worked there until she became an elementary school secretary.  She worked in the Plainfield Community School Corporation until her retirement. Lowell passed away at age 68 in 1976. Mary remarried a widower friend, Lloyd Beck. Mary and Lloyd continued to live in Plainfield until 1996 when Lloyd passed away, at which time, Mary moved to Greencastle to be near her daughter, Vicki Small and family. Mary passed away in 2000. 

Both Lowell and Mary were compassionate and interested in those around them. Mary wished to leave a legacy gift to the Plainfield Christian Church where she and Lowell and had been faithful members. She also wanted to help the Learning Castle Preschool at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Greencastle, where her daughter, Vicki, was involved since its inception in 1982. 

Grant / Payout History
2001    $1,000.00
2002    $963.65
2003    $729.12
2004    $806.98
2005    $785.69
2006    $805.49
2007    $869.36
2008    $921.00
2011    $846.16
2012    $855.12
2013    $923.46

2014    $994.82

2015    $1,149.96

2016    $1,296.25

2017    $913.95
Total    $13,861.01

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