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Joyce Braden Preschool/Camping Endowment

Year Founded


Memorial and Endowment Committee of First Baptist Church

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide income for the programs and purposes established by the Memorial and Endowment Committee of the First Baptist Church, N. Judson, Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana. If at any time the First Baptist Church of Greencastle, Indiana, Inc. be divided by congregational vote or a portion of the congregation shall secede, whether or not that portion be a majority of the congregational membership, said endowment proceeds will be retained in full by that portion of the congregation recognized as the historic American Baptist Church of Greencastle by action of the Board of Managers of the Indiana Baptist Convention.

History of Fund
Joyce Braden is the first and only Director of the First Baptist Pre-School. For many years the Pre-School had very little financial support and operated in the red. Joyce worked several years without any or little payment for her services. Sometimes she would put in some of her own funds to make sure the teachers were paid. Lana Schimpf and others came up with the idea of funding an endowment for the Pre-School to honor the service of Joyce. With the cooperation of her five children and members of the Memorial & Endowment Committee a surprise ceremony at a church service to honor Joyce with an endowment fund established to support the Pre-School in Joyce's name. Many contributed to the fund with an initial start of approximately $5,000. Since it's start the fund has paid out to the Pre-School approximately $7,000. Even with the drop in the stock market the fund value at the end of the year was approximately $13,250 with an available payout of about $746.

This is a small start, but these funds and the income honors the LEGACY of Joyce Braden and her love of children and her passion for children of Putnam County to have the opportunity to know that Jesus loves them.

You can help support her Legacy by making contributions to the Joyce Braden Pre-School Fund. This can be done by depositing a check in the offering plate, mailing a check to the church office, or to the Putnam County Community Foundation office, 2 South Jackson Street, Greencastle. Just indicate the fund on the check. Any amount is appreciated.

Our hope is that eventually the Endowments will be of a size to support the entire First Baptist Pre-School Program.

Grant / Payout History

2017 $1,346.35

2016 $1,354.23

2015 $1,311.83

2014 $1,256.31

2013 $1,217.48
2012 $1,160.99
2011 $1,188.78
2010 $1,262.00
2009 $1,291.82
2008 $1,168.68
2007 $999.84
2006 $873.31
2005 $738.30
2004 $366.18
2003 $304.26
2002 $671.28
TotalĀ $16,511.64

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