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Dr. Robert H. Farber Endowment for EducationFarber

Year Founded


Purpose of Fund

The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to enhance the quality of public and private education offered to Putnam County citizens. It is understood that grant recipients may not be members and family members of advisory committees or the Foundation Board.

History of Fund

Dr. Robert H. Farber is a prolific contributor to Putnam County. He served as dean of DePauw University for 26 years, as an active member of Gobin Memorial Methodist Church, and as the second president of the Putnam County Community Foundation. In 2004, Dean Farber was a donor of record every year since the Foundation's inception in 1985 - nineteen consecutive years as of this report's printing.

Dean Farber loves to tell the story of the very first grant made by the Community Foundation, describing how Board members sought to convince the community that the Community Foundation was "for real." The Board decided it could best accomplish this by making a grant, and gave the Fillmore Town Treasurer, Maxine Davies, $150.00 for the incorporation of the town of Fillmore.

In 2004, Farber established the Dr. Robert H. Farber Endowment for Education at the Community Foundation. This is a field of interest fund allowing the Board of Directors to grant funds to enhance educational attainment in Putnam County.

Grant / Payout History

2017 $2,296.98

2016 $1,080.00

2015 $3,242.39

2014 $3,043.05

2013 $2,877.01
2012 $2,671.78
2011 $2,655.00
2010 $2,500.00
2009 $1,000.00
2008 $1,415.85
2006 $484.09
Total $23,266.15

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