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Dorothy Patch Christian Educational Endowment

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide income for the programs and purposes established by the Memorial and Endowment Committee of the First Baptist Church, N. Judson, Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana. If at any time the First Baptist Church of Greencastle, Indiana, Inc. be divided by congregational vote or a portion of the congregation shall secede, whether or not that portion be a majority of the congregational membership, said endowment proceeds will be retained in full by that portion of the congregation recognized as the historic American Baptist Church of Greencastle by action of the Board of Managers of the Indiana Baptist Convention.

History of Fund
Dorothy (Cromwell) Patch lived a life committed to her family and to pioneering special education services in the state of Indiana. Dorothy was married to Frank Patch and lived in Gary, Indiana. They were blessed with one daughter, Margaret Ruth Patch.  Margaret Ruth was born with Down’s Syndrome during a time when the hospital encouraged Dorothy and Frank not to bring Margaret Ruth home but to place her permanently into an institution. Dorothy and Frank refused and lived life committed to developing and providing services to Margaret Ruth and to others with special needs.  In Indiana, Dorothy pioneered the Community Chest services and Special Olympics. 

She moved to Greencastle to be supported by her relative, Marian Ullrich. While in Putnam County, Dorothy developed the Putnam County Learning Center, including the first adult work program in which Margaret Ruth participated throughout her adult life. Dorothy planned for Margaret Ruth to be cared for throughout her lifetime establishing trust funds that would be available even after her passing. Margaret Ruth lived a long and full life and died in Greencastle. After Margaret Ruth’s death, the remaining funds in the trust fund were then gifted to the First Baptist Church which made the decision to capitalize on a Lilly Endowment match and transfer the funds to an endowment at the Putnam County Community Foundation. 

Cumulative Grant History

2002      $3,000.00

2003      $2,443.96

2004      $2,862.17

2005      $5,770.31

2006      $6,837.43

2007      $7,497.55

2008      $8,007.77

2009      $8,159.34

2011      $7,165.91

2012      $7,158.30

2013      $7,680.03

2014      $8,052.92

2015      $8,416.82

2016      $8,668.60

2017      $8,605.57


Total      $100,326.68

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