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McCormick/McCullough Fund for Main Street Greencastle

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide financial support for the operations and programs of Main Street Greencastle.

History of Fund

Robert & Roberta McCormick

Robert McCormick (a.k.a Mac, Bob, and Curley) was born in 1926 in Lafayette. He attended Purdue University. Roberta (Cottingham) McCormick grew up on a farm in Warren County and also attended Purdue. They met on New Year’s Eve in Lafayette.

Mac's Apparel for Men

Robert began working in the clothing business while he was still in high school in Lafayette. He was “chasing a little gal” whose father owned a clothing store in town. After graduation, he served in the US Navy, and then returned to work in the clothing store. Through his work, Robert became acquainted with a representative of Montgomery Ward who told him that the Montgomery Ward store in Greencastle had the highest profit margins of any and that Greencastle would be a good place to open up another clothing store. Hearing this, Robert decided to speak with a representative from a Lafayette bank about what the steps would be in starting such a business, but the banker told him that he did not have anything for him. The next day, the banker, George DeLong, called Robert and said that he and his wife wanted to personally back his clothing store in Greencastle. Robert and George drove to Greencastle together and went into a clothing store on the courthouse square owned by Harry Livengood. Robert asked Harry if he would be willing to sell him the store and Harry agreed. Robert opened the store in 1954 and ran it until 1986.

  • In 1991 Robert and Roberta McCormick gave a piece of property to the Community Foundation. This property is variously identified in the records as 12-14 West Washington, 16 West Washington, and Original Plat Part Lots 101 and 112. It was a vacant lot on the south side of the Courthouse Square in downtown Greencastle, the former site of Mac’s Apparel for Men, owned and operated by Robert McCormick from 1954 to 1986. A fire destroyed the building in 1987.
  • The endowment was named to honor the McCullough and the McCormick families. John McCullough was a vocational teacher at Greencastle. After the fire, he took care of the property and did landscaping.
  • In 1993, a request was made by Heritage Preservation Society that the property be turned into a park.
  • The property was sold in 1995 to Greg and Trudy Selvia, and the proceeds initiated the endowment.

Robert and Roberta remain very interested in supporting the courthouse square and small businesses in Greencastle.

Grant / Payout History

First Grant Awarded

2002: $750

Most Recent Grant Award

2017: $935.89

Total Grant Awards


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