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Roachdale PRIDE FundRoachdale sign

Year Founded


Roachdale PRIDE

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to benefit the Roachdale community and its citizens, provided that such programs and contributions are consistent with the exempt purposes and status of the Foundation.

History of Fund
PRIDE (Preserving Roachdale's IDentity Enthusiastically) grew out of a Delta Theta Tau committee effort. The Theta Lambda Chapter members agreed upon the need for a broad base of community residents who would seek to preserve and improve Roachdale community life. The committee would focus on addressing community issues such as the appearance and economic well-being of Roachdale.

The first committee meetings were held in April, 2008. One of their first efforts was to organize a gathering with representatives of Roachdale businesses, churches, organizations, and schools. Printed invitations were hand delivered to over fifty citizens with an explanation of what the sponsors hoped to accomplish. The Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) and the Putnam County Community Foundation (PCCF) were also invited.

On May 8, 2008, approximately three dozen citizens examined the community's strengths and weaknesses and reflected on future visions. Representatives from OCRA and PCCF discussed the help that their organizations might be able to provide to Roachdale citizens. It was agreed that a second meeting would be planned to reach a larger representation of the population.

A second meeting was held May 28, 2008 at the Roachdale Elementary School. Those present were made aware of the content of the first meeting. They were also reminded that the greatest asset that any community has is its citizens. Survey forms were provided to collect additional input. Since these meetings, PRIDE has helped to put the requests of citizens into action. PRIDE represents the power of community effort.
Aerial View of Roachdale

Roachdale Community Garden

The Delta Theta Tau Initiative Committee through their efforts of combining with others in the community for positive results added community members Jenni Engle and Howard Harris to their number. In keeping with the original purpose of growing the initiative to a community directed and supported effort, the decision to open a PCCF fund seemed the appropriate next step to take. Opening a fund at PCCF makes available a means for individuals to support the future activities of PRIDE to benefit the community by bringing back the small town community spirit of earlier times as well as by pursuing the desires of a wholesome, prosperous future for Roachdale. The resources that we have available today can help the community build toward a sustained and improved future for the citizens of the community.

Bonnie Yahraus

Grant / Payout HistoryCommunity Garden
First Grant Awarded

2009: $2,108.00




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