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Bainbridge Improvement Society EndowmentBainbridge

Year Founded

Bainbridge Improvement Society

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide financial support to the Bainbridge Improvement Society, located at 201 N. Grant Street, Bainbridge, IN 46105. Funds will be used for the general support of operations and projects of the Bainbridge Improvement Society.

History of Fund
In response to the Bainbridge community's need for a snowplow following the Blizzard of '78, the townspeople organized to raise funds to replace their antiquated truck. Through those efforts, the Bainbridge Improvement Society came into existence in July 1985, as a group of volunteers who were eager to provide additional enhancements to the quality of living in the small town of Bainbridge.

The Society continued with its fundraising efforts and community events. After raising funds to replace the Town's snowplow, attention shifted to the need for a community building. Fundraising efforts for such a building began in 1986 with an Annual Fall Festival. This festival continued until 1998. By 1999, B.I.S. was established with a Constitution and Articles of Incorporation and had obtained certification as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Additionally, they were actively working with the Town of Bainbridge to erect a community building.

A grant for the building was approved and B.I.S., who was to manage the community side of the building, also applied to the Putnam County Community Foundation for a grant to equip the kitchen for food service. That grant of $30,000 was received and an open house for the completed Community Building was celebrated on July 15, 2001.

The Town of Bainbridge occupies the offices on the west side of the building for use by the Town Clerk's Office, the Utility Office, and the Marshall's Office. Their presence provides greater security for the community portion of the building. In addition, the town's staff works with B.I.S. in a variety of ways. The community portion of the building is maintained by B.I.S., which consists of dedicated volunteers who take responsibility for the building’s cleaning, maintenance, repair, and policies.

Grants Awarded

First Grant Awarded

2015: $1,673.16





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