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Library LogoPutnam County Public Library Endowment

Year Founded


Putnam County Public Library

Purpose of Fund

To provide a renewable source of funds which may be used for the maintenance and expansion of the facilities and programs of the Putnam County Library at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Putnam County Public Library.

History of Fund

In 1991, the Library Board of Trustees transferred monies to the Community Foundation. Suzanne Bates, President of the Library Trustees, stated, “It is our belief that the intentions of the original donors will be well and eternally memorialized by this move in that the gift will continue giving to the intended purpose, year after year. We hope others who are interested in memorial gifts to the library will consider adding to those or other funds within the Foundation.”


The Putnam County Public Library is a patron-centered organization whose mission is:

  • To serve educational, cultural, and recreational needs of all the people of Putnam County, developing lifelong learners;
  • To provide professionally guided access to information in all formats;
  • To encourage research; and
  • To provide a gathering place for outreach programs and community meetings in a safe and pleasant environment.



PC library

Grant / Payout History

2017 $5,691.42

2016 $5,688.43

2015 $5,501.05

2014 $5,268.24

2013 $5,097.31
2012 $4,824.93
2011 $4,904.09
2010 $5,078.83
2009 $5,220.78
2008 $4,821.58
2007 $4,009.66
2006 $3,254.51
2005 $2,700.00
1994  $1,749.69
Total  $63,810.52


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