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Betty HughesBetty Hughes Memorial Fund

Year Founded

Kappa Delta Phi Gamma Phi Chapter

Purpose of Fund

To provide books, programming and meet other needs of the Children’s Department of the Putnam County Library.

History of Fund
Betty Hughes was born in Tipton County, Indiana, graduated from Windfall High School, and married Milton William Hughes in July of 1943. The couple moved to Greencastle, Indiana in 1965 and had four children, three daughters and one son. In addition to her love for children, Betty also had a passion for homemaking, Kappa Delta Phi (a philanthropic sorority), and sports. Betty was a humanitarian and was always ready and willing to assist the less fortunate. The fund was established in her memory in the year of her death by members of Kappa Delta Phi and Jack and Shirley Dalton.

Kappa Delta Phi Sorority
Row one: Lois Boswell, Linda Freeman, Mary Nell Whitman, Betty Thomas, Georgeena Gick, Gaylene Layton
Row two: Mary Ann Saathoff, Phyllis Evens; Loretta Maxwell, Jeanne Pritchard, Marlene Masten, Jane Long, Alberta Buis, Maxine Haskett, Denise Davies
Row three: Shirley Dalton, Wanda Bitzer, Rhema Gobert, Fauneil Stewart, Carolyn Havlin, Nora Stork, Marian Giddings, Donna Stanley

Grant/ Payout History
2002    $ 250.00
2003    $ 220.00
2004    $ 235.27
2005    $ 237.27
2006    $ 249.50
2007    $ 270.02
2008    $ 286.03
2013    $ 289.95

2014    $ 312.03

2015    $ 334.26

2016    $ 349.10

2017    $ 348.59
Total    $3,382.02

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