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Facts About the Foundation

The Community Foundation holds, invests, and administers a collection of separate funds established to meet philanthropic goals of donors and the needs of Putnam County. It is a vehicle through which contributions, both large and small, can be built over time into a substantial pool of money to achieve public good for Putnam County. The income from this pool is awarded in the form of grants to meet community needs and aspirations both now and in the future.

The Board of Directors of the Putnam County Community Foundation is accountable to the Community Foundation's donors and to the citizens of Putnam County. The Board of Directors is committed to honest, accurate record-keeping and transparent operations and reporting.

The Board of Directors defines the following documents and reports as publicly available records:

  1. State of Indiana -- Articles of Incorporation
  2. IRS Determination Letter
  3. IRS Form 1023
  4. Indiana NPO Annual Report -- NP-20
  5. Indiana Business Entity Report
  6. State Sales Tax Exemption (Form ST-105)
  7. Utility Tax Exemption
  8. Putnam County Property Tax Exemption
  9. By-laws
  10. Board Approved Mission Statement
  11. External Audit
  12. Form 990
  13. Investment Services Summary
  14. Investment Policy
  15. Statement of Donor Rights
  16. Gift Acceptance Policy
  17. Privacy Policy
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