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Putnam County Community Foundation Board

Board of Directors
The Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of elected and appointed trustees who are representative of the community and recognized for their involvement in civic affairs. Each board member gives generously of his/her time, talent, and treasure to further the mission of the Community Foundation.


Jane Alcorn

Rick Bittles

Finance Committee Chair

Jeff Blaydes

Secretary; Grants Committee Chair

Debbi Christy


Ken Eitel



Phil Gick
Vice-President; Governance & Nominations     Committee Chair

Mike Goss
Philanthropic Development Chair

Chase Haltom
Lilly Selection Committee Chair

Kate Knaul





Carolyn Mann

Jeff McCall

Susan Price   


Mitch Proctor
Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair

Nancy Wells            

Vivian Whitaker
Youth Philanthropy       Co-Chair

Alan Zerkel


Honorary Board of Directors

The following individuals were awarded Honorary Board Member status as a result of their exemplary service to the county through the Community Foundation.

Honorary Chairman of the Board: Robert Evans


David Archer

Eleanor Ballard*
Jinsie Bingham
Lynn Bohmer
Gwen Bottoms
Donna Bouslog
Dorothy Brown
Charles Chandler
Gene Clodfelter
Dorothy Crawley Richards
Therese Cunningham

Jim Ensley
Robert Farber*

Joe Ferguson
Beth Flint
Louis Fontaine

Edward Galm*
David Glesenkamp
Thomas Graffis

Robert Harbison
Laurie Robertson


Paul Hartman

Karen Heavin

Ken Heeke

Frances Hickman*

Mary Ellen Huggard
Richard Jackson*

Judy Johnson*

Barbara Mann*
Mary Louise Miller*

Monty Montgomery

Harry D. Moore*

Gwen Morris

George Murphey*
Sue Murray
Max Nichols*
John O'Hair
Ben Olson*

Susan Price
Murray Pride
James Renz
Michael Rokicki*
Phyllis Rokicki
Malcolm Romine
Don Ruark

Steven Setchell
Denise Sigworth
Fred Silander*

Harold Spicer*
Alan Stanley

Vicki Timm
Ella Marie Torr

Laurel Turk*

Gerald Warren*

Ted Willer
Jerry Williams

Rodger Winger

Ellie Ypma
John Zeiner





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