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Vicki L. and David C. Archer Community Endowment

Vicki and David Archer

Year Founded


Vicki and David Archer

Purpose of Fund
Vicki and David Archer started this endowment to support the changing needs and aspirations of the people in Putnam County.

History of Fund
In the spring of 1978, David was driving through Greencastle/Putnam County on his way to an educators conference at Purdue University. At the time David was a vocational education director in Perry County, Indiana and was enamored by the well kept landscape and the lush green trees on Bloomington Street on his journey to Purdue. Even to the point that he mentioned his feelings about this neat little town to his wife Vicki.

Lo and behold, a few weeks later he learned that the schools of Putnam County were looking for a vocational director to plan and develop vocational education programs for high school students. Let's say the "rest was history" and he was hired as the first director of the then Putnam County Area Vocational Program (aka Area 30 Career Center) and the family moved to Greencastle in August of 1978. David served in that capacity for several years until he accepted a position as the director of the West Central Education Service Center and continued in that role until his retirement.

Vicki, who was an educator, taught and coordinated adult education classes at the Career Center for over 25 years and continued that role until her retirement. Vicki and David view Putnam County as their home and are grateful that the community has been a great place to work and raise their three daughters.

Because the Putnam County community has meant so much to the Archer family, it is with great pleasure that the Vicki and David Archer Community Foundation Endowment be established to provide support for the changing needs and aspirations of the people in Putnam County.

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2016  $1,915.28

Most Recent Grant Awarded

2017  $1,486.54

Total Grant Awards




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