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Tim & Viki Tillotson Educational Endowment

Tim & Viki Tillotson

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide educational financial support to a student(s) with the same requirements and procedures as the North Putnam Community Schools Scholarship. If no suitable scholarship recipient can be identified, distribution shall be made to the North Putnam High School (or its successor) guidance staff for the purpose of assisting high school students with needs.

History of Fund
Tim and Viki Tillotson are an inspiring couple who decided to take a big step in their community and create a scholarship endowment at the Putnam County Community Foundation. They believe deeply in the importance of education as well as giving back to their community. Tim and Viki both express how much they love their small town of Bainbridge and wish to see it continue to be a place for families to grow.

Viki was born in Lafayette, Indiana and went to school at Purdue. She graduated in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in General Management after being a non traditional student for 15 years. She moved on to work at Purdue and is currently employed there. Viki moved to Putnam County after she met and married Tim.

Tim was born and raised in Bainbridge, Indiana. He graduated from North Putnam High School before joining the Marine Corps in 1975. Tim went to college and collected credits as he moved around in the Marines, then finished with a degree in electronics from ITT Tech. He is now a disabled combat veteran working to help his community.

Tim and Viki met on the dance floor in Lafayette, got married, and moved back to Tim’s home in Bainbridge. Both of them had struggles through their lives to get the education they wanted and that is what fuels their passion for this endowment. They believe that no young adult should postpone or give up on further education because of financial difficulty. Viki also thinks it is important for kids to have the full college experience, such as joining clubs and internships, because she did not get to do those things while working her way through college. Tim and Viki’s main goal is to give back to their community by providing scholarships in the hopes that those kids will grow up to realize how important it is to give back to their communities when they can.

When speaking about giving back Tim and Viki have done more than their fair share. The couple took their passion for dancing and helped out with the local Dancing with the Stars as well as offering classes for the community. They are also very involved with the Bainbridge Methodist church, the local food pantry, where they teach classes on preserving foods, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Putnam County Humane Society, and the Moose Lodge. Tim and Viki are not only inspiring but humble in their community work, “It’s not really about us, we are doing this to help. It is not about bringing attention to what we are doing, it is just the right thing to do. We want to give back to the community we live in, in hopes to make it a better place”. Tim and Viki plan to continue helping the community as well as spending time with their children and three grandchildren.



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