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Sigworth Travel Abroad Scholarship Endowment

Jeff & Denise Sigworth
Mostar, Herzegovina
Zimbabwe 2010

Year Founded

Jeffery and Denise Sigworth

Purpose of Fund
The scholarship was established to provide educational financial support for students wishing to study abroad within an accredited American institution of higher learning.

History of Fund
Jeff and Denise Sigworth established a scholarship for Putnam County students wishing to travel abroad within a university-sanctioned program. The couple established the scholarship because they believe in the benefits of being physically immersed in other cultures, languages, geographies, and socioeconomic situations. The couple also envisions that students’ experiences abroad will enrich Putnam County. One of the conditions of receiving the scholarship is that students agree to provide a media presentation about their experiences upon their return. 

Denise McMains Sigworth was born and reared in Putnam County. A graduate of Greencastle High School, she has been giving back to her community for many years and was the Greater Greencastle Chamber Citizen of the Year in 2001 and President of the Community Foundation in 2009 and 2010. Jeff Sigworth grew up in Palos Verdes, California. His love for seeing the world was sparked during the five years he lived in Germany working for the Department of Defense. Since moving to Greencastle 18 years ago, he has been active as a soccer coach and referee. He also serves on the Scholarship Committee for Wabash Valley’s Referee’s Association.  

“This is the first scholarship for study abroad established at the Community Foundation,” said Elaine Peck, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “We are honored to be a part of such thoughtful and forward-thinking philanthropy.”

Scholarship Recipients


Quinci Miller


Lauren Bridgewater


Elizabeth Johnson


Sarah Beams

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