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Sanford and Irene Romine Family Endowment

Irene and Sanford Romine 1962

Year Founded

Malcolm S Romine

Purpose of Fund
Malcolm Romine took advantage of one of the remaining Silver Anniversary League opportunities to establish a permanent unrestricted endowment honoring his parents in perpetuity. Once fully funded, the endowment will support the Community Foundations Community Grants program.

History of Fund (written by Malcolm Romine)
Family was always quite important to my mother Irene Clodfelter Romine. She was one of twelve children of the Jack Clodfelter and Annie Carrington Clodfelter family. Mother always stayed in close contact and frequently visited with her brothers and sister during her entire lifetime. What always seemed unusual to me was that in my adult years I observed my mother treating distant 3rd and 4th cousins as if they were her biological siblings. Mother was a homemaker who during my youth was busy raising chickens for food and income and was in charge of the large family garden. In 1943, the year I started high school, mom and dad moved to Indianapolis and mother worked at Eli Lilly and Company until retiring in 1965. In 1967 mother self-published the book called The Family of Samuel Carrington1754-1966 which listed the genealogy of this family. My mother’s mother Anna Ardell was a Carrigton. Then in 1978 mother, along with her cousin Hubert Clodfelter, updated The Clodfelter Book 1750-1978, which has been compiled and published by a cousin Beulah Yocum in 1937. This book listed the genealogy of the Solomon Clodfelter family and also included a brief family history. Solomon came to Indiana in 1830 and was the 21 year old son of John Clodfelter. He was my mother’s grandfather.

My father Sanford Romine never knew a stranger. When he twelve years old, he ran away from home the night before his father was going to place him and his 5 younger siblings in an orphanage. His father’s barn burned down killing all of his livestock when dad was 10 years old and causing severe financial family problems. When dad was 12, his mother died. His father, who had become and alcoholic, was unable to care for his children and for this reason had planned to place them in an orphanage.

Given this rough start in life, dad ended up living in the home of Frank Vermillion in Clinton Township, Putnam County where he graduated from Clinton Center High School and later DePauw University. He worked at the old Commercial Hotel to pay his way through college at DePauw. Father was a high school teacher for 22 years at Clinton Center High School, and later worked full time selling insurance. After mom and his family, dad’s first love was history! He was truly a historian and was involved in setting up the Putnam County Historical Society soon after WWII. Also, partly due to his difficult early years, dad was a dedicated volunteer for the Salvation Army and the March of Dimes his entire adult life.

Dad died in 1974. He was the first patient Methodist Hospital lost while undergoing open heart surgery. Mother lived an active life until passing away in 1998 at the age of 98!

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2015  $703.56

Most Recent Grant Awarded

2017  $933.84

Total Grant Awards



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