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Rokicki Cunningham Insurance Endowment





Therese Cunningham and Phyllis Rokicki


The primary purpose of the Fund shall be  to provide unrestricted financial support to the programs and purposes of the Putnam County Community Foundation, Putnam County, Indiana, a  non-profit Indiana corporation exempt from taxation under Internal Revenue Code ("Code") section 501 (c)(3), and a public charity described in section 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Code.


Phyllis Rokicki came to Putnam County in 1976. She graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in teaching. Her job brought her to Putnam County to teach at South Putnam High School; it was here that Phyllis spent her career as an educator. After early retirement, she became involved in the local business Bright Futures, where she and her husband Mike were silent partners. Phyllis has been in many leadership positions around the county, state, and nation. She was City Councilor at large for 6 years and is currently very involved with the Putnam County Community Foundation.

Therese Cunningham was raised in Bloomington, Illinois and came to Putnam County to work as a State Farm Insurance Agent. She took over the Agency from Phyllis’s late husband Mike. Therese was somewhat apprehensive to come into a tight knit community like Putnam County, but she found a home working with the Putnam County Community Foundation. She worked at seven different locations with State Farm before calling Putnam County her home. Once Therese became involved, she went full force, sitting on the boards of many community organizations such as the Putnam County Museum, United Way, and the Chamber of Commerce. She has been very generous in her donations to the Community Foundation and already has a Cunningham Family Endowment.

The joint Silver Anniversary League with Phillis came from their close relationship through the agency. When Therese came to work as the State Farm Agent, Phyllis was happy that the company chose her. Both women have worked hard in the community to make an impact for what they are passionate about. Therese is passionate about the youth and the elderly in our community; she said "would like to see an improvement in the quality of life for the youth and the elderly". Phyllis on the other hand was inspired by her husband’s passions and also wanted to benefit the children through recreation. These women decided to come together and form this endowment because they truly believe in the work the Community foundation does.

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2017: $765.17

Total Grant Awards:



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