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Richard A. and Christina M. Bittles Community Endowment

Rick and Christina Bittles

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide unrestricted financial support to the programs and purposes of the Putnam County Community Foundation, Putnam County, Indiana

History of Fund
Rick and Christina decided to create this endowment because they wanted to contribute to the Foundation. Rick spent his first year on the Foundation board in 2015 and truly saw the impact it made in Putnam County. The couple used the opportunity of the Lilly VI Match to create this endowment before they had originally planned. Rick said that he wants to give to the Foundation because he has been exposed to the Foundation while on the board and he feels that “being in Putnam County it is important to financially give back”. Christina agreed with her husband that the Foundation is doing good work, and even though they have not been involved completely with the Foundation previously they had given annual gifts before. Rick hopes that their contributions can go toward improving youth philanthropy in the county and to build something permanent for the future. Christina said she is most passionate about the elderly and the education of middle aged women to further their careers, she hopes their contributions could aid those efforts.

Rick and Christina were both born and raised in Putnam County and are proud to call it home. Rick grew up in Greencastle and pursued his secondary education at DePauw University. He graduated in 1978 with a degree in Economics; Rick went to DePauw on the prestigious Rector Scholarship. Christina graduated from South Putnam and furthered her education with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Indianapolis. Both Rick and Christina had family born in the area, and both of their fathers were in the military. The couple kept their Putnam County roots when Rick started his business in Greencastle and the couple decided to raise their children here.

The couple are involved around the community; specifically in Rotary, 100+ Men Who Care, and 100+ Women Who Care. Rick was also a part the Junior Young Men’s Chamber of Commerce and Indiana small business boards that dealt with companies around the state; he even sat on the state Business Advisory Board. Christina has been involved in Tri Kappa which is a philanthropic sorority in the state of Indiana. She also mentioned that she hopes to be involved in more at the Foundation.

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2017: $1,352.04

Total Grant Awards:


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