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Maxine Callender Community Endowment

Maxine (Clodfelter) Callender, Hubert Clodfelter, and Kathleen (Clodfelter) Voris

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide unrestricted financial support to the programs and purposes of the Putnam County Community Foundation, Putnam County, Indiana.

History of Fund
John Voris established this endowment in memory of his Aunt Maxine (Clodfelter) Callender. Maxine was a generous and compassionate person, always giving even into her last days. She lived most of her 98 years in Morton nad was known as "The Matriarch of Morton".

Maxine, her sister Kathleen, and brother Hubert, were children of Wilbur and Charlotte Rose (Nutgrass) Clodfelter. Maxine was 2 years old when her mother died in child birth at the time younger sister kathleen was born. Soon after her mother's death, Maxine's Aunt Cora Carrington came to keep house for the family and to help raise Maxine and her siblings until her father married Violet Fulk ten years later. Maxine graduated from Rensselaer High School and married Eugene "Gene" Callender. She worked at Wurtz's Dime Store, ran the restaurant at the Morton Garage, and retired from J.C. Penney in Greencastle. She lived alone after Gene passed away in 1967.

Maxine was a generous and loving person, always concerned and caring for others...an inspiration to all. First, she nursed and cared for her frail grandmother Carrie Clodfelter in the 1950s, and later she took care of ill neighbors and provided badly needed transportation for elderly friends. She was a help to anyone who needed help.

She was a person who loved life and people, especially her 12 nieces and nephews and many great-nieces and great-nephews. Children were drawn to her like a magnet. Although Maxine never had children of her own, she was a mother to many and helped shepherd and guide several young women as they were growing up. She liked to have little parties for young 5 and 6 year olds...a regular party animal! She loved current events, sports, family gatherings, and travel.

Maxine Callender was a shining example of a pure and caring heart that will never be replaced. She will be remembered with love by all who were touched by her.

John Voris is the son of Kathleen (Clodfelter) Voris, the younger sister of Maxine (Clodfelter) Callender.


Maxine Callender with John Voris' family, Summer 2013:  John's daughter Molly, wife Karen, granddaughter Lily 5, and twins Rose and Louisa

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2017 $1,532.23

Total Grant Awards


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