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Knoy Resource Center Endowment


Vickie Parker and Rebecca Nachtrieb

Year Founded


Vickie (Knoy) Parker

Rebecca (Knoy) Nachtrieb

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide financial support for the operations and programs of the Knoy Resource Center, a program of the Cloverdale Community School Corporation.

History of Fund
In 2005, our community leaders envisioned a program that would serve students, parents, seniors, and members of the public searching for guidance and support to achieve their life-learning goals. Whether it is preparing for a GED exam, researching college scholarships, developing or increasing computer skills or visiting colleges, the Knoy Resource Center is a hub of activity from curious inquiries to dedicated study.

After its doors opened at Cloverdale High School in 2006, it has served thousands of people including those from Clay, Hendricks, Johnson, Morgan, Owen, and Putnam counties.

Vickie (Knoy) Parker and Rebecca (Knoy) Nachtrieb started the Knoy Resource Center Endowment in 2008 as a means to support the Knoy Resource Center operations and programs.

Grant Payout

2014 $1,801.66

2015 $2,106.21


Total $3,907.88


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