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J.R. and Ginger Scott Scholarship for Aviation

Ginger and J. R. Scott


J. R. and Ginger Scott

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide educational financial support to a student(s) pursuing post secondary education and/or certification in the field of aviation.

History of Fund

J.R. and Ginger have a love of flying! J.R.'s fascination with airplanes and aviation began at a very young age. J. Frank Durham gave J.R. his first airplane ride at age 6 and he has had the flying bug ever since. J.R. received his private pilot’s license in 1997 and the Scotts purchased their 1968 Piper Cherokee the same year. Mainly hobby flyers, they have taken trips to Michigan, Myrtle Beach, and Kentucky but mainly around Indiana. They enjoy spending time out at the hangar either flying their plane or watching others come in and out of Putnam County Regional Airport.

The Scotts most favorite part of flying is sharing it with others. Giving a child their first airplane ride and seeing the wonder and excitement in their faces as the airplane goes into the air and when they put their hands on the yolk for the first time (with the watchful eye of J.R.) to fly the airplane.

Even though this began as J.R.’s passion it has become a passion of Ginger's also. As they become more involved in the aviation world, they see the need for young people to be a part of this world. Not only pilots, but also traffic controllers, aviation  mechanics, aviation engineers, and much more.  This is the reason they wanted to start a scholarship--to help spark interest or ignite a spark in this field.

Scholarship Recipients


Chad Stevens


Charles Hathorn


Shanbao Huang

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