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Greencastle Farmers' Market Fund

Greencastle Farmers' Market

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund

The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide support for the Greencastle Farmers’ Market, as directed by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation.  The mission of the Greencastle Farmers’ Market shall be to promote locally made, sewn and grown products, to make healthy, locally produced food available to our community, and to enhance the quality of life in our community by providing an activity that foster social gathering and interaction.

History of Fund

When the Friends of the Farmers’ Market chose to dissolve their organization and the Greater Greencastle Chamber of Commerce agreed to take over the management of the weekly seasonal event, the Community Foundation, as a non-profit was able to ensure that the funds of the dissolving organization were disbursed per the original by-laws of the dissolving organization.  Now, the Chamber of Commerce is able to request funds for the purpose of carrying out the weekly market. 

Grant / Payout History
First Grant Awarded

2017  $4,000.00

Total Grant Awards


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