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Gary and Linda Huber Fund for Cultural Arts and Learning

Gary and Linda Huber

Year Founded

Huber Family

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide financial support for music and arts education in Greencastle Community Schools. This will be accomplished through grants to charitable projects and agencies as suggested by the Fund Steward, and approved by the Foundation Board of Directors, provided that such programs and contributions are consistent with the exempt purposes and status of the Foundation. Should the designated Fund Steward no longer be willing or able to advise the fund and has not provided for a successor advisor, the Board shall serve as the advisor to the Fund. 

History of Fund
After Gary Huber passed away in 2006, his wife, Linda, and his children, Lauren and Derek, established the Gary and Linda Huber Fund for Cultural Arts and Learning. They hoped that this fund would honor Gary and reflect the family’s passion for art and music by supporting music and arts education. The Huber family recognized that art and music education enriches the lives and futures of all students and has been proven to enhance academic performance and cognitive abilities.

“Art and music have been an important part of our lives from our youngest days through many generations of our families.  During the time when Gary and I were in the Greencastle school system, there was a wonderful band, orchestra, chorus, as well as a great art program.  It had a lasting effect on our lives.  Art and music were a large part of our children’s experience during their time in Greencastle schools.  The community program through the Putnam County Playhouse and DePauw University were also part of their childhood, and we want such programs to be available to all students. With every economic downturn comes the discussion of where to cut costs, and art and music are frequently at the top of the list,” Linda explained.

The Hubers hoped that their fund could provide salaries and benefits for a new music teacher and a new visual arts teacher within the Greencastle Community School Corporation. Once the two positions are endowed, the family wished that the remaining money could be used to fund other arts programs within the community. A few of the Huber’s dreams include bringing orchestra back to Greencastle Community Schools, expanding media use in art classes, and educating students about other cultures through art and music.

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