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Fillmore Christian Church Endowment

Fillmore Christian Church
Fillmore Christian Church

Year Founded

2009 Church Officers:
Mark Scott, Chair
Fillmore Christian Church
Dennis Staley, Vice Chair
Anita Custis, Secretary
Kerry Ames, Treasurer

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide financial support to Fillmore Christian Church, Inc., Fillmore, Indiana.

History of Fund
The Fillmore Christian Church was first founded as the Union Church in 1839. It became the Fillmore Christian Church in 1854. In 1910, the church was moved to its present building which is in the center of Fillmore. The Fillmore Christian Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ who are dependent on prayer, centered on discipleship, and devoted to evangelism.

The Fillmore Christian Church Endowment was founded in 2009 by the elders of the church. The original donation utilized the principal from bequests given to the church in 1979 by Clarence Ferrand and Courtland Sinclair. Clarence Ferrand was a farmer who identified Courtland Sinclair as the beneficiary of a trust with the residuum left to the church. When Courtland Sinclair passed away, the residuum from the Ferrand trust and a bequest from his own estate were left to the Church. The bequests instructed the church to invest the donations wisely and never to spend the principal. Courtland Sinclair was born in 1892 and passed away in 1976. 

Grant / Payout History

First Grant Awarded

2011: $2,961.45

Most Recent Grant Award

2017: $3,444.98

Total Grant Awards:


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