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Frank Hutcheson Family Community Endowment

Year Founded

Frank Hutcheson

Purpose of Fund
Grants are awarded from the Frank Hutcheson Family Community Endowment to support the changing needs and aspirations of the people in Putnam County as the years go by. 

History of Fund
Frank Hutcheson became involved with the Community Foundation through his friendship with founder, Robert Evans. In addition, Frank generously supports Greencastle High School Alumni Scholarship Endowment, Return-A-Gift Endowment, and the Evans Family Culver Academy Endowment. 

Mr. Hutcheson was born and raised in Putnam County. His parents were Claude Hutcheson and Mary Olive (Hamilton) Hutcheson. Claude and Mary had six children: Marvin, Frank, Norman, Ellen Marie, Ralph, and Ruth Ann. Claude was a farmer and a carpenter and put tools in the hands of his sons from an early age. 

Mr. Hutcheson graduated from Greencastle High School, and entered the Marine Corps in 1951. After boot camp he went to Builders School, and joined the Construction Battalion in the Navy. He worked hard in school and also as the Chief Clerk for the Construction Battalion where he was assigned. He returned to Putnam County in 1953 and made a career building homes. His wife, Sharon (Miller) Hutcheson graduated from Reelsville High School and worked at IBM. 

Mr. Hutcheson has two daughters who live in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Brenda (Hutcheson) and Jack Stohr have two sons, Isaac and Micah, and three grandchildren, Johnny, Evan, and Gabriel. Terri (Hutcheson) and her husband Larry Wicker have five children, Uriah, Isaiah, Zachariah, Hannah, and Rebekah, and one grandson, Leon.

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2012: $806.55

Most Recent Grant Award

2017: $887.02

Total Grant Awards:


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