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Donna Draper Welter and William J. Welter Family Endowment

William & Donna Welter

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund
The primary purpose of the Funds shall be to provide unrestricted financial support to the programs and purposes of the Putnam County Community Foundation, Putnam County, Indiana.

History of Fund
Wendy Welter Meyers established this endowment in memory of her parents William Jackson Welter and Donna Draper Welter. William is a grandson of Jackson T. Clodfelter who was born on the banks of Raccoon Creek in May, 1850. Jackson Clodfelter’s father, Solomon Clodfelter, his parents, and his siblings settled near the banks of the Raccoon in August, 1830. No member of the Welter family has lived in Putnam County since 1916 when Maud Clodfelter married William H. Welter and they set up house-keeping in Gary, Indiana. William J. Welter was their first child.

Even though William Welter and his wife Donna never lived in Putnam County, they made many trips from Gary, South Bend, and later Valparaiso, Indiana to visit their Putnam County Clodfelter cousins. In his childhood and teenage years, William often visited his rural cousins for weeks at a time in the summer. Later, William and Donna Welter continued this tradition by bringing their daughter Wendy and her brothers to visit their generation of numerous Clodfelter cousins. The family seldom missed a Clodfelter family reunion, wedding, or funeral in Putnam County.

The William Welter family became successful bankers in Valparaiso, yet they always found time to maintain contact with and to visit their cousins in Putnam County. Their devotion to their Putnam County Clodfelter family heritage and culture is evident by their history of philanthropy in the county. Upon the death of William Welter, Wendy's mother Donna stepped up the family’s philanthropic giving by making significant annual donations to the Foundation and in some years more than one donation was made to the Foundation. Now daughter Wendy, who has lived in Tennessee most of her adult life, is continuing this Welter family philanthropic tradition. The Welter family has also supported the Putnam County Museum with its ongoing efforts to preserve the history and culture of Putnam County.

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2016  $1,267.25

Most Recent Grant Awarded

2017  $875.81

Total Grant Awards:


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